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Says she supports the troops… doesn’t support ALL the troops.

  A few weeks ago I contacted Justin Griffith to see if I could possibly help him promote Rock Beyond Belief.   My thinking was that because he is a busy active duty soldier, there may be room for an assistant to help with some remote tasks.   I have been following the scandal since [Read More…]

Jesus Camp Bragg – US Army Provides and Funds Vacation Bible School

Earlier this month, all 50,000 troops stationed at Fort Bragg received a message from our Public Affairs Office. It was a brief announcement for the Annual Garrison Chaplain’s Vacation Bible School. The annual Garrison Chaplain’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) will be held at Gordon Elementary (Linden Oaks) June 16-17 from 9 a.m.-noon and Devers Elementary [Read More…]

I Get Comments – “I do not support the troops”

This one comes from new commenter, Autymn – who appears to be from California. I do not support the troops. I hate Americans and every other nation; all Commonwealths/Republics/Dèmocraties must be taken down. Death to cretins! I followed a link he posted to his Google group, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Here is what I [Read More…]

Bastrop School Knowingly Breaks Laws and Promises About Prayer

Damon Fowler struggled to stop the school’s prayer at his graduation. He threatened to go to the ACLU, so they actually backed down. Or did they? Hint: NOPE. Amazing video provided. [Read more…]

Interact with Nate Phelps, Estranged Atheist Son of ‘God Hates Fags’ Pastor

Nate Phelps has graciously agreed to take questions from all of you during the 24 hour rapture party on Saturday May 21st. You heard about it right? Rapture parties are great and all… but it’s also Armed Forces Day. So Deborah from God Discussions has thrown together a star-studded 24 hour internet video telethon. Foxhole [Read More…]

Courageous High School Atheist Needs 5 Minutes Of Your Time

My school planned a graduation prayer, but it was against state law and I said I’d contact the ACLU. They backed down, but that’s when the shitstorm rolled in. [Read more…]

24 Hour Internet Telethon For Foxhole Atheists on Rapture Day

You might be attending a cool Rapture themed party. But, did you know that May 21st is also Armed Forces Day? Support the troops with our 24hr internet telethon [Read more…]

Rock the Fort Chaplain Is From the Moon, Writes Foxhole Atheist A Letter

It’s mean and spiteful, and illustrates perfectly the problems we face as the military’s community of non-believers. This is one that you just need to see. [Read more…]