Recently, I was struggling to forgive someone. As a Christian, I knew that I should forgive, but it seemed that every time I replayed in my mind what this person had done to me, forgiving them was just so hard to do. You see, forgiveness is a sacrifice…a living sacrifice. Why? Because to truly forgive, you must put to death your “right” to take revenge, to spread gossip, or to give the offending party anything else you believe he or… Read more

Recently, my pastor preached a Christmas season sermon on giving. As part of an illustration to emphasize a key point, he asked the congregation, by a show of hands, if anyone had ever “regifted” something they received. Well, as I scanned the congregation of hundreds, there was not a single hand raised. Not one. I mean really…There was not a single vegan in the church who received a “meat of the month club” gift card? And what about a rabid… Read more

In 1982, there was a popular off-Broadway musical called “Little Shop of Horrors” that presented an entertaining and accurate allegory about the consequences of not dealing properly and promptly with temptations to do evil. The main character in the play was Seymour Krelborn, a hapless fellow who worked at a skid row flower shop. He was frustrated with his lot in life and the only bright spot was a pretty co-worker named Audrey. Seymour was in love with Audrey, but,… Read more

I fly quite a bit. Sometime ago, I sat next to a pilot that was heading to his next flight location. We had an interesting conversation. He told me about a requirement that his airline had for pilots to do training and testing in a flight simulator. Now, my only experience with flight simulators was playing the popular Microsoft computer game years ago. So, I responded, “That flight simulator must be a lot of fun!” However, to my surprise, he… Read more

As a young father with small children, one of the highlights of my day was the greeting I experienced when I got home from work. Like clockwork, when I would arrive my two sons would drop whatever they were doing and come running, yelling “Daddy!” At times, they would even meet me at the driveway before I could get out of my car. And, of course, I would joyously greet my little guys, too. Fathering was pretty easy then. All… Read more

Several years ago, my youngest son and I began a regular practice of packing several backpacks with packaged food, toiletries, and small Bibles, and heading to downtown Washington, DC to pass them out to the homeless. Most of the people we met were men and soon I discovered something that truly surprised me. Most of these men were fathers. I remember a conversation with one homeless father, who was in his early 50s like me.  He told me that he had… Read more

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