A Chronicle of Wonderment

The year has circumnavigated it’s course and the holidays (Holy Days) have arrived once again.  No matter where you might be on your life’s journey, this sacred season opens portals for a variety of experiences for your spirit, psyche, and heart. Nurturing your spirit in the midst of the frenetic busyness that accompanies this time of year offers the opportunity for  celebration of another kind.

Like so many aspects of life, the holidays present the invitation to live in balance, with conscious awareness of our needs and the needs of those around us… material, emotional and spiritual.  This is a sacred season.

Our senses provide conduits to engage fully with the people and experiences we encounter…. to see, taste, smell, hear, touch, and intuit the deeper messages and meaning within this time of celebration and sacred mystery.

One way to increase full conscious participation and  Divine Awareness is through sacred practices to awaken your senses. When your senses are attuned to those who cross your path and in touch with the present moment on multiple levels, the sacred meaning in the moment emerges and suddenly the holidays truly do become Holy Days.

In the midst of the busyness of your life right now give yourself time for a Holy Day, a Sabbath rest, or a day to simply explore your heart to reconnect to your creative spirit and sacred imagination.  A spiritual practice for the holidays might include giving yourself the gift of creating a personal Book of Wonderment.  This is a special journal of sorts.  A place where you gather quotations, sacred inspiration, color, texture, and images… the substance and souvenirs of life that thrill your soul.  Think of this book of treasures as a Chronicle of Wonderment that you will continue to add to and grow throughout your lifetime.  Creating your Book of Wonderment is a process that invites you to slow down to engage your senses and faculties of curiosity and inquisitiveness.

In the words of Socrates, “Wisdom begins in wonder.” During this holiday season the invitation to practice reverent beholding of the people, sights, sounds, and experiences you encounter offers the opportunity to re-experience child-like wonder and awe combined with sacred  awareness.  What may become a practice during the Holy Days just might continue throughout the New Year and beyond.

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