Ancient Wisdom to Bless the Creative Spirit

My curiosity regarding the discovery of long lost artifacts influenced my writing of Ink and Honey, a historical novel. I carry the bone deep belief that ancient feminine wisdom is hidden away in various places in the world, awaiting uncovering, and reclaiming by the women of today.  How might the unearthing of this long forgotten knowledge, the age-old stories [Read More...]

Seeking the Sacred Child Within

The season of Advent invites contemplation of the concepts of holy longing and expectant waiting.  Hope eternal is the taproot at this time of year, as we move from darkness toward light’s return and the birth of the Christ Child. The Christ Child, I write these words and deep within I hear a message… Awaken [Read More...]

Sacred Circles of Women: From the Cave to Online

Circles of women have gathered throughout the ages.  They co-create community  to share the varied life experiences of to care for children, to pray, to tend the sick, to hold vigil for the dying, and also to collaborate and co-create visions and movements that have altered history. In primitive times, women gathered in caves around [Read More...]

Sacred Wisdom Stones

Sacred wisdom takes many forms.  There is the ancient sacred wisdom of the early mystics such as; Hildegard of Bingen, the Beguines, St. John of the Cross, and the Desert Fathers and Mothers.  Poetry also yields sacred wisdom and poets like; Rumi, Rilke, LaLa, Mary Oliver, Adrienne Rich, and Jane Kenyon inspire our spirits.  Sacred [Read More...]

Patterns for Authenticity

When life gives you scraps make quilts….Anonymous My mother makes quilts.  I have carefully observed her as she places a template on fabric to sketch a pattern for her stitches.  The design created by the template is merely a guide, an inspiration for her particular push and pull of the needle.  Even though she uses [Read More...]


Thresholds.  The boundary point between two spaces.  A threshold may be as subtle as the delineation leading from one room to the next.  In its complexity, a threshold is a moment in time that requires the response to a specific call.  A call where a choice must be discerned. Thresholds may be challenging and disorienting. [Read More...]

Seeking Peace in the Fields of Time

  Time seems to be a topic of conversation in many circles these days.  Lack of time, the acceleration of time, and the myriad of ways we keep track of each hour of the day, all of these issues create interference to finding inner peace.  How does one attain a state of spiritual centeredness while [Read More...]

Intuition and the Sacred Imagination

“You say God speaks to you, but it’s only your imagination.” These are the words spoken by the inquisitor to Joan of Arc during her trial for heresy. “How else would God speak to me, if not through my imagination?” Joan replied. We know the story of Saint Joan and her visions and voices that [Read More...]

Holy Outrageous: Tangible Signs of Hope and Inspiration

  Life, throughout the ages, has metaphorically been viewed as a pilgrimage. The labyrinth mirrors this inner journey over and over again. We  step onto the labyrinth’s singular path and begin the walk.  We experience Purgation (shedding, letting go) so when we come to the center we are open to Illumination,  guidance and inspiration of [Read More...]

Table Community

The recent liturgical seasons of Easter and Pentecost have stirred my thoughts about the first century Church…. or actually, the first century gatherings of those who responded to the call to follow the Way of Jesus.  I’ve spent some time examining imagery of various archaeological sites where remnants and relics of those early communities offer [Read More...]