This is why iDrink

Yesterday the supermarket, we saw this:

It made me think of this:

YouTube Preview Image

“I too am so on the go, I drink my yogurt from a tube!”  Oh, young parsons, I weep for you.

  • James

    Strongbad!!!! <3

    FYI your first link ("this") is broken.

    • simchafisher

      D’oh. Thanks, should be fixed now.

  • richard

    Our youth are continually moving on and up. There is no end to it. I don’t think it as much of a problem for myself.

  • jen

    I live in California’s wine country and am rolling my eyes. This totally beats out 7 Deadly Zins for the most “interesting” concept.

  • Kristin

    Simcha, I knew you were awesome, but I didn’t know you liked Strong Bad. Now you’re zawesome!