Was there some widespread misapprehension that this WAS about the unh, ba-bling?

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  • simchafisher

    I wonder if that eye problem she has, where her eyes keep sliding off to the side in a suggestive way for no apparent reason, is a pre-existing conditionnnnnnnnn. . . .

    • Cassandra Ho

      I was thinking the same thing! What on earth is she looking at!?

      • rozdieterich

        A teleprompter, of course.

        • DeirdreMundy

          The OFA operative holding her at gunpoint!

  • Julie

    I’ve been trying to make fun of this but it’s almost beyond parody.

  • Naomi Kietzke Young

    I think Rebecca Black would have done it better.

  • Lynn

    Awww! Not only did youtube take the video down, they terminated whoever’s account it was. What did I miss???