At the Register: Gay Man Refused Last Rites?

Or something else entirely?  His story stinks to high heaven, and if the priest has another one, I doubt he’s free to tell it.

Link doesn’t seem to be working for everyone.  If you can’t access the story through the link above, you can cut and paste this:

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  • IRVCath

    Right. The trouble with this is Father may very well have an effective counter, but it’s protected by the Seal of Confession.

  • It may have been anointing of the sick, but if he’s still alive to tell the tale, then it wasn’t last rites, was it?

  • Nan

    In the WaPo article, the guy said the priest brought communion to him and was going to give him last rites and of course confession is part of that. He talked about his actively homosexual lifestyle without confessing to the sin involved and is pissed because, now that he’s aware that the man is in a state of mortal sin, the priest refused him communion. Note also that he got a second opinion, from a priest at the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and because the second priest also follows Church teaching, went to the paper to try to shame them. Shame on him for wanting to receive communion while in a state of mortal sin.