Cloud of Witnesses: Not all Christian bloggers are white

Here’s the third list that I’ve started compiling. I’ve already posted a couple versions of The Bonfire (a list of Christian women bloggers) and QUILTblogs (a list of Christian LGBT bloggers), and this list collects Christian bloggers who don’t happen to be white.

This list so far is embarrassingly short. That’s evidence, I take it, that my own blog-reading habits have been even more culturally circumscribed than I had realized.

So I’m asking for help here, because apparently I need it. What I’ve got here isn’t so much a list as the tip of an iceberg, and I hope you’ll be able to help me discover the many, many terrific voices I haven’t yet included here.

  1. Adam Rao
  2. Amaryah Shaye
  3. Anokina Shahbaz
  4. Anthea Butler
  5. Anthony Bradley
  6. Antwuan Malone
  7. Arrianna Marie’s Blog
  8. Big Is the New Small
  9. BlameGirl
  10. Brother-Beloved-Son
  11. Bruce Reyes-Chow
  12. Celucien Joseph
  13. Church Boy Chronicles
  14. The Church Lady Blogs
  15. The Critical Cleric
  16. Crux Sola
  17. D.J. Chuang
  18. Derwin L. Gray
  19. Desiree Adaway
  20. Dreaming Beneath the Spires
  21. Ethnic Space and Faith
  22. Eugene Cho
  23. Expect the Exceptional
  24. Fresh Revelations
  25. Godvertiser
  26. Gordon Cheng
  27. The Gospel According to Saint Marcus
  28. Helen Lee
  29. Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters
  30. In His Name
  31. Interfaith Youth Core Blog
  32. J. Kameron Carter
  33. Jamal Jivanjee
  34. James W. McCarty III
  35. Jeremiah Wright
  36. La Lucha, Mi Pulpito
  37. Meet the Buttrams
  38. More Than Serving Tea
  39. Musings of a Postmodern Negro
  40. Musings of an Urban Christian
  41. Neo Soul Faith
  42. Next Gener.Asian Church
  43. Notes of an Imperfect Christian
  44. On the Grind
  45. The Palmer Perspective
  46. Path of Treasure
  47. Political Jesus
  48. Praxis Habitus
  49. Pure Church
  50. Rachel’s Book Reviews
  51. Ragamuffin Soul
  52. Rainbows and Lilacs
  53. Reconciling Way
  54. Reflections of an Afro-Christian Scholar
  55. Regina’s Family Seasons
  56. Rev. Dr. Paul Smith
  57. REV-elution
  58. Rhetoric Race and Religion
  59. Sammy Adebiyi
  61. Shaun in the City
  62. A Single Step
  63. SkyeBox
  64. Spirited Concepts
  65. Stuff Antonia Says
  66. Syncopated Hustle
  67. Tim and Olive
  68. Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race
  69. Up Up Down Down
  70. Uppity Negro Network
  71. Urban Faith
  72. Urban Mission Blog
  73. The Urban Oasis
  74. Urban Onramps
  75. The Utley Experience
  76. Vinoth Ramachandra
  77. Wanjoki Connection
  78. Wayne Park
  79. Wendell Griffin on Cultural Competency
  80. What a Cup of Tea
  81. Wm. Dwight McKissic
  82. Womanist Biblical Scholar Reflections
  83. The Word Made Plain
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  • You forgot Crystal S. Lewis:

  • Ursula L

    Fred, are you cross-referencing your lists?  Because I expect that a fair number of bloggers will fit on one or more list.  And the intersections of the various lists should be interesting.  

  • I’m pretty new to this, but I’m an Asian American Christian and I have a blog:

    Also, my pals at AAWOL sisters have been at it for a while:

  •  Although technically Crystal is a Unitarian Universalist.

  • The_L1985

    A Christian UU, or some other kind? Because a lot of UUs are also Christian.

  •  Yeah, she does write from a mostly Christian perspective, so I would say a Christian UU. Crystal could probably tell you more than I can.

    Still a great blogger, no matter what label you put on her.

  • – Gabbing with Grace
    – Deidra Riggs
    – Enuma Okoro

  • Thanks for adding me to the list. I am in fact black, contrary to some opinions. :)  I do have an Italian wife, does that eliminate me in some way?!  

    Seriously, I’ll look through the list and check out some of my other other-caucasian Christians.

  • Thank you for including me on your Colourful list, and on your woman blogger list, Fred. Ah, some advantages to being a “minority” then!! 
    Blessings, Anita

  • I’m not white, but I am a woman who loves God. Does God see color anyway? go to  My blog name is Pen of a Ready Writer

  • I’m not white, but I am a woman who loves God. Does God see color anyway? go to  My blog name is Pen of a Ready Writer