The Bonfire: 1,001 Christian women bloggers you should know

This is not a list of the “top” Christian women bloggers, or the best, or the most popular. It’s just a list of those I’m aware of thus far.

Please let me know of any names I’m missing here and I’ll add them to the list and post the new, improved, updated and expanded Bonfire every little bit after collecting more names.

The name “Bonfire” here comes from Sarah Bessey:

So I am no longer standing beside your table, asking for a seat, working and serving and hoping to be noticed and then offered a seat or arguing for my right to a seat. I don’t care to sit here any more. I have no desire to be indoors, in your neat boxes. …

And someday, I’ll throw my arms around you when you break up that table to use it for kindling and toss it out the window to the outside. We’ll build a bonfire and we’ll dance around the old arguments together, laughing.

  1. 1 Franciscan Way
  2. 7mouths2feed
  3. 30 Days of Adventures
  4. 33 Names of Grace
  5. 168 hours
  6. Abbey of Saint Walburga
  7. Abbey of the Arts
  8. Accidental Devotional
  9. Adventures in Baby Wearing
  10. Africakid and the World
  11. Against a Brick Wall
  12. Ain’t I a Woman
  13. Alise Write 
  14. All God’s Kids
  15. All in a Day
  16. All Said & Done
  17. All Things Beautiful
  18. All This Life and Heaven Too
  19. Allie in Oz
  20. Allison Vesterfelt
  21. Alter Ego
  22. Amaryah Shaye
  23. Amazing Adventures Await
  24. Amazing Bongos
  25. Ames: The Acoustic Version
  26. Amy Haynie
  27. Amy Hereford, CSJ
  28. Amy in Wanderland
  29. Amy’s Humble Musings
  30. The Anchoress
  31. The Anchorhold
  32. Anchors and Masts
  33. And So I Give Thanks
  35. Annalee
  36. Annie at Home
  37. Anokina Shahbaz
  38. Anthea Butler
  39. Any Day a Beautiful Change
  40. Apples of Gold
  41. Are We There Yet?
  42. Are Women Human?
  43. Arloa Sutter
  44. Arrianna Marie’s Blog
  45. Art for God’s Sake
  46. The Artist’s Eye
  47. Ashleigh Baker
  48. Ask Sister Mary Martha
  49. Aspire 2
  50. At Home With Our Faith
  51. Auntie Tiffy’s Rants & Ruminations
  52. Autie Mautie
  53. Avec Deux Mains
  54. Baby Bangs
  55. Baby Blue Online
  56. Barefoot Bohemian
  57. Barefoot on 45th
  58. Barefoot Theology
  59. Be Thou My Vision
  60. The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley
  61. Beautiful and Terrible
  62. The Beauty of This Hour
  63. Beauty Tips for Ministers
  64. Beclouded But Beholding the Light
  65. Behind the Surface
  66. Beholding Glory
  67. Best of Both (NJ/PA) Worlds
  68. The Beth Blog Ever
  69. Beth Quick
  70. Bethel ELCA Pastor’s Blog
  71. Betty Duffy 
  72. Beverly Molineaux
  73. Beyond the Cranium
  74. BGBC Survivors
  75. Biblical Homemaking
  76. Biblical Personhood
  77. Biblical Studies Blog
  78. Biblical Woman
  79. The Big Dunk
  80. Big Mama
  81. Bigger Than a Breadbox
  82. Bigmouth Strikes Again
  83. Bits of Splendor
  84. Black. Female. Christian. Vegan.
  85. Blah Blah Blahger
  86. BlameGirl
  87. Bless Our Nest
  88. Blethers
  89. Blog on the Way
  90. Blue Eyed Ennis
  91. The Blue Room 
  92. Body Soul and Spirit
  93. Bohemian Bowmans
  94. Bonnie’s Books
  95. Bookgirl
  96. BooMama
  97. Bread Not Stones
  98. Bridget Mary’s Blog
  99. Broken:Beautiful
  100. Broken Daughters
  101. Brooke Odom
  102. bWe Baptist Women for Equality
  103. By Their Strange Fruit
  104. Caitlin Trussell Speaks
  105. Called
  106. Candace Chellew-Hodge
  107. Canyonwalker Connections
  108. Cara Sexton
  109. Caris Adel
  110. Carly Writes
  111. Carole Smith Turner
  112. Carolyn’s Reflections
  113. Cassi Clerget writes
  114. Catherine’s Cafe
  115. Caught Up in God
  116. CBE Scroll 
  117. CCC Book Discussion
  118. Cenizas, Estelas y Senderos
  119. The Chandlers
  120. Chapstick and Chapped Lips
  121. Charlotte Was Both
  122. A Chase After Wind
  123. Chatting at the Sky
  124. Cheesewearing Theology
  125. Chicago Mama
  126. Chloe Yelena Miller
  127. Christena Cleveland
  128. Christian by Association
  129. Christian Children’s Book Review
  130. Christian Feminism
  131. Christian Mom Book Review
  132. Christian Mom Thoughts
  133. The Christian Woman
  134. Christina Beardsley
  135. Christina Crook
  136. Christine Caine
  137. Christy McFerren
  138. Chronicles of Claire
  139. Chronicles of Grace
  140. Chronicles of a Hockey Mom
  141. The Chuppies
  142. Church & the Single Girl
  143. A Church for Starving Artists
  144. The Church Lady Blogs
  145. Church of the Masses
  146. CindiK
  147. Claimed, Gathered and Sent
  148. Claire J. De Boer
  149. Clattering Bones
  150. Clearest Glimpse of God
  151. Clever Title Here
  152. Close to Far Away
  153. Coffee, God and Me
  154. Coffee With Jesus
  155. Collaborative Dominican Novitiate
  156. Colonial Heights Presbyterian
  157. Color Me Captivated
  158. Colwich Novitiate
  159. Come to the Table
  160. Come Walk With Us
  161. Coming Out Christian 
  162. Common Places
  163. Communitas et Caritas
  164. Confessions of a Tired Supergirl
  165. Confessions of an Englishwoman
  166. Conley Chimes In
  167. Connect With Mercy
  168. Connie Jakab
  169. Consider the Lilies
  170. Consider the Way
  171. The Consolation of Mirth
  172. Contemplate 
  173. Contemplative Horizon
  174. Contemplative Pastor
  175. The Contemplative Society
  176. Contemplative Viewfinder
  177. Conversations
  178. Cortney Dale
  179. The Cosmic Dance
  180. CowGaels in Tir na Blog
  181. The Creative Anglican
  182. The Creative Stylings of a No-Name Slob
  183. The Crimson Rambler 
  184. Crisping Ripples
  185. Crystal St. Marie Lewis 
  186. CultureTwined
  187. Cupcakes, Corinthians & Crafts
  188. Curacy Calling
  189. CyberSoul
  190. D.L. Mayfield
  191. Daniela Schwartz
  192. Danielle Shroyer 
  193. Darcy’s Heart-Stirrings
  194. Daughters of Junia
  195. Deborah Koehn Loyd
  196. Deep Breathing for the Soul
  197. Deep Thought
  198. Deep Thoughts of a Common Household Mom
  199. A Deeper Story
  200. Delight-Filled Leaves Art
  201. Denise Morris
  202. Desert Nun News
  203. The Desert Pilgrim
  204. Desert Spirit’s Fire
  205. Desiree Adaway
  206. Devotional Diva
  207. Diamonds in the Sandbox
  208. Dianna E. Anderson
  209. Diary of a Contemplative
  210. A Diary of a Mom
  211. Dickensblog
  212. Did She Say Seminary?
  213. Diligent Leaves
  214. Dirty Sexy Ministry
  215. A Disciple’s Steps
  216. DJStrickland Remix
  217. Does Not Wisdom Call?
  218. Domestic Kingdom
  219. Dominican Life on Lotus Lane
  220. Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ
  221. Don’t Flay the Sheep
  222. Dorothy’s Gloss
  223. Dorothy Greco
  224. The Doxological Life
  225. Dr. Abby’s and Rev. Carol’s Place
  226. Draw Near
  227. Dream Big Dreams
  228. Dreaming a Better World
  229. Dreaming Beneath the Spires
  230. DRGT/Just Wondering
  231. Driftwood
  232. Dry Bones
  233. The Dude Abides
  234. Dulce de Leche
  235. EarthChicKnits
  236. EileenAnd9
  237. Elena Teresa Ann
  238. Elizabeth Esther 
  239. Elizabeth W. Marshall
  240. Ellen Painter Dollar 
  241. Elora Nicole
  242. Elvish Jesus Freak
  243. Embracing the Odyssey
  244. Emily Is Speaking Up
  245. Emily Timbol
  246. Emily Wanders
  247. Emotional Abuse and Your Faith
  248. Enlightened Catholicism
  249. Episcopalifem
  250. Eternal Echoes 
  251. The Eternal Student
  252. Eve Tushnet 
  253. Even One Sparrow
  254. Everyday Awe
  255. Everyday Thinking
  256. Exilicchaplain
  257. Existential Punk
  258. The Exponent
  259. Ex-Presbyterian Gal
  260. The Extraordinary Ordinary
  261. Faith Barista
  262. Faith Gender and Other Issues
  263. Faith, Grace, and Hope
  264. Faith Hope and Cherrytea
  265. Faith Imagined
  266. Faith in Community
  267. Faith in the Numbers
  268. Faith Permeating Life
  269. Faith Seeking Understanding
  270. The Family Pants
  271. The Fearless Experiment
  272. A Feast for the Soul
  273. A Feather on the Breath of God
  274. Felice mi fa
  275. Fellowship of Saints & Sinners
  276. FemFaith
  277. Feminism and Religion
  278. Feminismxianity 
  279. Feminist Mormon Housewives
  280. Feminist Theology in an Age of Fear and Hope
  281. Femmevangelical
  282. Fidelia’s Sisters
  283. A Field of Wild Flowers
  284. Find Time for Tea
  285. Finding Grace in Ordinary Time
  286. Finding My Pulse
  287. Finding Rest
  288. Fiona Lynne
  289. First Day Walking
  290. Flibbertigibberish
  291. Flotsam & Jetsam
  292. Flourish in Life and Relationships
  293. Flunking Sainthood
  294. For Any Eyes
  295. For Heaven’s Sake
  296. For the Innumerable Benefits
  297. For the Love of Africa
  298. For the Someday Book
  299. The Forbidden Gospels
  300. Francesca’s Blog
  301. Franciscan Life
  302. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity
  303. Free Methodist Feminist
  304. Freedom Beauty Truth
  305. Fried Okra
  306. From Bitter Waters to Sweet
  307. From My Inside Out
  308. From Two to One
  309. From Where I Write
  310. Fruitful Words
  311. FugueStateKnits
  312. Full Hands … Full Heart
  313. Funky Doo
  314. Gabbing With Grace
  315. Gaudete Theology
  316. Gberger
  317. Gentlewhisper
  318. The Geranium Farm
  319. Get Out of Jail Free
  320. Getting Hammered
  321. GG’s Glimpses
  322. The Gift Finally Given
  323. Girls Gone Wise
  324. Girltalk
  325. Glass Overflowing
  326. Gleanings From a Glens Girl
  327. Glimpses of Hope
  328. Gluten-Free Jesus Freak
  329. Goannatree
  330. God Will Make a Way
  331. God’s Perfect Timing
  332. Godspace 
  333. Going Beyond Ministries
  334. Good News in the Wilderness
  335. Good Women Project
  336. Grace and Peace
  337. Grace Every Day
  338. Grace Ji-Sun Kim
  339. Grace Rules
  340. Graceful
  341. Grace-full Thoughts
  342. Grit & Glory
  343. Grounded & Rooted in Love
  344. Grow Old With Me
  345. Growing With Grabbie
  346. Gussy Sews
  347. Habitually Speaking
  348. Halee Gray Scott
  349. Halfway to Normal
  350. Haley Cloyd
  351. The Happy Surprise
  352. Happynun Tells All
  353. Harriet Long
  354. Heard, Half-heard
  355. Hearthside
  356. Heather Zempel
  357. Helen Lee
  358. Hell Burns
  359. The Hem of His Garment
  360. Heretics Anonymous
  361. Her.meneutics
  362. Hieropraxis
  363. Hillsideslide
  364. Holley Gerth
  365. A Holly Moment
  366. Hollywood Housewife
  367. A Holy Experience
  368. Holy Hellions 
  369. Holy Spirit Portality
  370. A Home for My Words
  371. Homeschooling the Doctorate?
  372. Honestly Here
  373. Hope-full Signs
  374. HopefulLeigh
  375. Hot Cup’s Happenings
  376. How to Fight Like a Girl
  377. How to Talk Evangelical
  378. I Am a Beautiful Mess
  379. I Love Devotionals
  380. iBenedictines
  381. Idelette
  382. If Meadows Speak
  383. Iglesias Descalza
  384. IHM Calling
  385. I’m Standing Still
  386. Imagine Justice
  387. Imperfect Prose
  388. (Im)possible Things With God
  389. In All Honesty
  390. (In)Courage
  391. In His Name
  392. In Tandem
  393. In the Heart of My Home
  394. In the Hereandnow
  395. In the Name of Love
  396. In the Open Space: God & Culture
  397. In the Shadow of His Wings
  398. In View of God’s Mercy
  399. An Inch at a Time
  400. The Incorrigible Gingers
  401. Inky’Spot
  402. An Inquiring and Discerning Heart
  403. Inscription
  404. InsideOuted
  405. Inspired to Action
  406. Invisible Army Project
  407. Irish Lassie
  408. Irreverent
  409. It’s a Vertical Life
  410. Jamie the Very Worst Missionary
  411. Jane’s Journey
  412. Janet Hanson
  413. Jann Aldredge-Clanton
  414. Jeannie’s Daily Bible Verse
  415. Jen Hatmaker
  416. Jenn LeBow
  417. Jenni Catron
  418. Jenni Clayville
  419. Jennie Allen
  420. Jennifer Grant
  421. Jennifer Luitwieler 
  422. Jessica Coblentz
  423. Jessica Lynette
  424. Jessica McCracken
  425. Jesus in Love
  426. Jewels and Treasures
  427. Jo Hilder 
  428. JoHannah Reardon
  429. Jonesbones5
  430. Journalling
  431. The Journey
  432. Journey Through Grace
  433. Journey to Beauty
  434. Joy in This Journey 
  435. Judy’s Research Blog
  436. Julianna Morlet
  437. Jumping Tandem
  438. Just a Girl
  439. Just A(my)’s Blog
  440. Just Catholic 
  441. Just Saskia
  442. Just Thinking
  443. Kaikesta Huolimatta/No Matter What
  444. Kaitlyn Smith
  445. Karen Spears Zacharias
  446. Karen’s Curacy Cafe
  447. kathy escobar
  448. Katie and Martin’s Blog on the LCA
  449. Katie Axelson
  450. Katney’s Kaboodle
  451. Keely Marie Scott
  452. Kelley Nikondeha
  453. Kelly Chadwick
  454. Kem Meyer
  455. The Key to the Door
  456. KGMom Musings
  457. KiltsDjembesAndRedBoots
  458. Kimberlee Conway Ireton
  459. Kimberly Majeski
  460. Kimmer – Keepin’ It Real
  461. Kindling
  462. Kingdom Grace
  463. The Kitchen Door
  464. KnitNTeach
  465. Knitting, Sex and God
  466. Krista Dalton
  467. Kristin Lucas Writes
  468. Kristin Ritzau
  469. Kwok Pui Lan
  470. Kyrie Eleison
  471. La Corbeille
  472. La Paz de Susan
  473. LaJoy Family
  474. Latina Liz
  475. Laura Parker
  476. Laura Turner
  477. Laura Ziesel 
  478. Lauren Nicole
  479. Law and Gospel
  480. Leanne Penny
  481. Leave It Lay Where Jesus Flang It
  482. LeeLee Writes
  483. Lemonade Makin’ Mama
  484. Liberation Theology Lutheran
  485. Life and Love and Why
  486. The Life and Times of an Aspiring Linguist
  487. The Life Artist
  488. Life at 7,000 Feet
  489. Life at the Convent
  490. Life at the Monastery of St. Gertrude
  491. Life Edited
  492. Life From Where I Stand
  493. Life in Motherhood, Ministry, and the Arts
  494. Life in the New
  495. The Life of a New Sister
  496. A Life Profound
  497. Life With Emy & Ash
  498. Lifenut
  499. Lifesongs
  500. A Lifetime of Days
  501. Light Love Music
  502. Light Through Stained-Glass Windows
  503. Like a Radio
  504. Linda’s Bloughts
  505. Lindsee Lou
  506. Lindsey Nobles
  507. Linea Lanoie
  508. The Lipstick Gospel
  509. Lisa Colon DeLay
  510. Lisa Notes
  511. Lisa Whittle
  512. Lisa Writes
  513. Lisa-Jo Baker
  514. Little Design
  515. Little Sacred Space
  516. Little Stories
  517. A Little Yes
  518. Live+Jesus!
  519. Live Shamelessly
  520. Living Faithfully … or at Least Trying To
  521. Living in a Field of Hats
  522. Living Proof Ministries
  523. Living Scripture
  524. Living the Tradition
  525. Living the Zeal of Benedict
  526. Living Theology
  527. Living Water(town)
  528. Living Word by Word
  529. LLM Calling
  530. Logic and Imagination
  531. The Long Walk Home
  532. Lots of Scotts
  533. Love, Grow, & Overflow
  534. Love Is Strong as Death
  535. Love Is What You Do
  536. Love, Sara Sophia
  537. Love, Simplicity, and Coffee
  538. Love Well
  539. LutheranChik’s ‘L’ Word Diary
  540. Lynne Hybels
  541. The MacKenzies Go Adventuring
  542. Madame Rubies
  543. Magpie Girl
  544. Making All Things New
  545. Malick’s Musings
  546. Mama Monk
  547. Marcia Mount Shoop
  548. Margaret Feinberg
  549. Mari’s Muses
  550. Marian Ronan
  551. MariLynn Ross
  552. Marla Taviano
  553. Marlena Graves
  554. Martha’s Kitchen
  555. Mary DeMuth
  556. The Mary Reader
  557. Meadow Rue Merrill
  558. Meaning and Authenticity
  559. Meet the Buttrams
  560. Megan Gahan
  561. A Melbourne Girl at Heart
  562. Merely Words
  563. Messy Canvas
  564. Messy Jesus Business
  565. The Messy Middle
  566. Metanoia
  567. Michelle Van Loon
  568. Middle Ground
  569. A Mile in Her Shoes
  570. A Million Little Somethings
  571. Ministry So Fabulous
  572. Miriam’s Tambourine
  573. Misty Gatlin
  574. Modern Reject 
  575. Molly Piper
  576. The Mom Creative
  577. Momastery 
  578. Moments With Love
  579. Mommy Hobbies
  580. The Monastic Mirror
  581. Monastic Musings Too
  582. Monastics on a Journey
  583. More Meredith Gould
  584. More Musings on Christianity, Homosexuality & the Bible
  585. More Than Just Mama
  586. More Than Serving Tea
  587. Mother Rhonda’s Stillroom
  588. Mothering Spirit 
  589. Mrs. Doctor Dear
  590. A Musing Amma
  591. Musings for a Beautiful Day
  592. Musings in Adelaide
  593. Musings of a Discerning Woman
  594. My Calling IQ
  595. My Husband’s Lady
  596. My Manner of Life
  597. My Mother Is a Father
  598. My Musing Corner
  599. My Own Little Corner
  600. My Pilgrimage to Santiago
  601. Mystical Midget
  602. Mystical Politics
  603. Nanawandering
  604. Nancy’s Monablog
  605. Narrating Grace
  606. Natalie’s Narrative
  607. Neritia
  608. The Nest Egg
  609. Nesting Place
  610. Never Perfect Always Real
  611. New Every Morning
  612. A New Name
  613. Newlife
  614. The Night and Half-Light of Dreams
  615. Nihil Obstat
  616. Nish Happens
  617. No Faint Hearts
  618. No Longer Qivering
  619. Not a Dinner Party
  620. Not Graceful But Grace-filled
  621. Notes From Stillsong Hermitage
  622. Now Through a Glass Darkly
  623. The Nowning Process
  624. Nun With a Side of Pirate
  625. A Nun’s Life
  626. Nunblog
  627. NunEssential
  628. NunSuch
  629. O My Family
  630. Oakestown
  631. Oatmeal and Gunpowder
  632. On Not Being a Sausage
  633. On Raven Street
  634. On the Beach
  635. On the Other Hand, Who Knows What I’ll Do?
  636. One Degree
  637. One Hand Clapping
  638. One Thankful Mom
  639. One Thousand Single Days
  640. One Wild and Precious Life
  641. Only Sometimes Clever
  642. Open Wide the Doors to Christ
  643. OPreach
  644. Optophilia
  645. Organized Chaos
  646. An Orientation of Heart
  647. Out of My Heart
  648. Owl Creek Cottage
  649. The Owl’s Song
  650. The Painted Prayerbook
  651. Pam Hogeweide
  652. PamBG
  653. The Parable of My Life
  654. Parish Perspectives
  655. Past Tense, Present Progressive
  656. Pastor Debbie’s CyberDesk
  657. The Pastor Is IN
  658. Pastor Mom
  659. Path of Treasure
  660. Peace Babe
  661. Peaceable Kin-dom
  662. PeaceBang
  663. PeacePastor
  664. A Pearl Downunder
  665. Penelope Trunk
  666. Penelopepiscopal
  667. Pensieve
  668. Per Caritatem
  669. Peripatetic Pilgrim Priest
  670. Perpetually in Transit
  671. Perspective
  672. The Picket Fence
  673. Pickle-osophy
  674. Pie in the Sky
  675. A Pilgrim’s Process
  676. Plan A: It All Started in Ethiopia
  677. Play on the Word
  678. The Plumb Line
  679. A Pocket Full of Treasures
  680. Pohlkotte Press
  681. Ponderings
  682. PR Woman for Christ
  683. Practical Theology for Women
  684. Practicing Sacred Rhythms
  685. Prairie Light
  686. Prairie Living
  687. Praying on the Prairie
  688. The Praying Woman
  689. The Preacher and the Party Store
  690. Preacher on the Plaza
  691. Preaching Away
  692. Predatory Lies
  693. Presbyopia
  694. Profligate Grace
  695. The Prozac Queen’s Court
  696. A Prudent Life
  697. The Pudgy Parson
  698. Purpletologically Speaking
  699. Quantum Theology
  700. Quiet Anthem
  701. A Quiet Simple Life
  702. Quivering Daughters
  703. Quotidian Grace
  704. Rachel Hackenberg
  705. Rachel Held Evans
  706. Rachel Marie Stone
  707. Rachel Pieh Jones
  708. Rachelle Gardner
  709. Rachel’s Book Reviews
  710. Radical Mary 
  711. Radical Womanhood
  712. Rage Against the Minivan
  713. Raggle-Taggle
  714. Rainbow Pastor
  715. Raising Peanut
  716. Ramblings of a Jesus Freak
  717. Random Thoughts of a Lutheran Geek
  718. Reading to Know
  719. Real People, Real Lives, Real Spirituality
  720. Rebecca Writes
  721. Rebekah Ruth Rambles
  722. Reconciling Way
  723. Red Heeler Ranch
  724. Redbud Writers Guild
  725. Redeemed From the Pit
  726. Redeeming the Table
  727. Redefining Female
  728. Redemptions Beauty
  729. Reflectionary
  730. Reflections of an Afro-Christian Scholar
  731. Reflections of an RSCJ
  732. Regina’s Family Seasons
  733. Reluctant Pilgrim
  734. Remember Your Baptism
  735. Renaissance Garden
  736. Renewing Your Mind
  737. Reta’s Reflections
  738. Rev. Abi’s Long and Winding Road
  739. The Rev and a Dog
  740. The Rev and the Boys
  741. Rev Glenda
  742. Rev. Irene Monroe
  743. Rev Mibi
  744. Rev Momma
  745. Rev. Ruth’s Rantings
  746. Rev S S
  747. Rev Shuna’s View of the Spey
  748. Revalli’s Blog
  749. Revdonna
  750. Reverent Irreverence
  751. Reverently Red
  752. RevGalBlogPals
  753. RevGalPrayerPals
  754. RevHipChick
  755. Revising Reform
  756. The River Into Words
  757. The Road Less Traveled
  758. Roads Diverged
  759. Robin Stanley
  760. Rogue Reverend
  761. The Rooftop Ravings
  762. Roundtable of War and Grace
  763. Roxy Composed
  764. The Run a Muck
  765. Ruth’s Visions and Revisions
  766. Ruthie Dean
  767. The Ruthless Monk
  768. Sabbath in the Suburbs
  769. Saints, Sisters, and Sluts
  770. Sallie Borrink
  771. Sanctuary of Women
  772. Sandpiper’s Thoughts
  773. Sarah Askins
  774. Sarah Bessey 
  775. Sarah Cunningham
  776. Sarah Flashing
  777. Sarah Markley
  778. Sarah Over the Moon
  779. Sarah Posner
  780. Sarah Sentilles
  781. Sarcastic Lutheran
  782. Satisfaction Through Christ
  783. Sayable
  784. Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky
  785. The School Sisters of St. Francis
  786. Seasons With Soul
  787. A Seat at the Table
  788. See-Through Faith
  789. Seeker
  790. Seeking Authentic Voice
  791. Seeking God: Benedictine Blog
  792. Seeking God: Benedictine Ministries
  793. Seeking Something
  794. Seeking the Moments
  795. Serendipity Soiree
  796. Sexuality and Religion
  797. Shannon M. Howell
  798. Shauna Niequist
  799. Shawna Bowman
  800. Shawna R.B. Atteberry
  801. Shayne Moore
  802. She Rev Writes
  803. She Shakes the Dust
  804. She Worships
  805. She Writes & Rights
  806. SheLoves Magazine
  807. Shepherdess Writes
  808. Shirley-Anne McMillan
  809. Showing Up to the Moment
  810. Sign on the Window
  811. Significant Truths
  812. Signs Along the Way
  813. A Silly Poor Gospel 
  814. Simple Felicity
  815. Simple Mom
  816. Simply Church
  817. Simply Jan
  818. Sing Like No One’s Listening
  819. Singing From the Lectionary
  820. A Single Step
  821. Sister Alison’s Blog
  822. Sister Helen Prejean
  823. A Sister of St. Joseph’s Blog
  824. Sister Rose at the Movies
  825. Sister Sarah’s Excellent Adventure
  826. Sister-Priest Sermon Blog
  827. The Sisters’ Blog
  828. Sisters of Saint Benedict’s Monastery
  829. Sisters of Saint Dominic
  830. Sisters of the Gospel of Life
  831. Sisters of the Holy Family
  832. Skating in the Garden in High Heels Under My Alb
  833. Smooches From Heaven
  834. Some Disagree With Mom
  835. Something This Foggy Day
  836. Sometimes Screaming Helps
  837. Somewhat Nomadic Dunny
  838. Sophia Network
  839. Sorta Crunchy
  840. Soul and Culture
  841. Soul Stretches & Steps
  842. Space for Thinking
  843. Spacious Faith
  844. Spirited Concepts
  845. Spiritual Drawing Board
  846. Spiritual Glasses
  847. Spiritual Lemons
  848. Spiritual practice, faith, and life 
  849. Spiritually Directed
  850. The Stedhams
  851. Steph (in) Dialogue
  852. (Still) Going to Graceland
  853. Still Waters
  854. Stone of Witness
  855. Storian Smol
  856. Stories From the Shoe
  857. Story in the Middle
  858. Straight Talk
  859. Strait Talk
  860. Stray Thoughts
  861. Striving After the Wind
  862. Stuck in the Middle
  863. Study in Brown
  864. Stuff Antonia Says
  865. Stuff Christian Culture Likes
  866. Suddenly Bipolar
  867. Sue’s Views
  868. Sunday’s Child
  869. Sunday’s Coming!
  870. Sunny’s Musings on Ministry
  871. Sunshine and Shadows
  872. Sunshine Lenses
  873. Support Sister Katie’s Habit
  874. Support Your Local Sacred Musician
  875. Surrounded by Clouds
  876. Susan E. Isaacs
  877. Susan J. Reinhardt
  878. Susan’s Blog
  879. Suzannah Paul
  880. Suzanne McCarthy
  881. Suzanne’s Bookshelf
  882. The Sweet Bi and Bi
  883. The Table
  884. Tabula Rasa
  885. Tales of the Journey
  886. Talk With the Preacher
  887. Tamara Out Loud
  888. Tammy Helfrich
  889. Tangential Thoughts
  890. Tasteandsee
  891. Team Aidan
  892. Tell Me Why the World Is Weird
  893. Telling Secrets
  894. Tennessee Christian Reader
  895. Tensegrities
  896. Terrapin Station
  897. That Old Black Church!
  898. Theology and Me
  899. There Is a River
  900. There Will Be Bread
  901. Thin Places
  902. A Thing With Feathers
  903. Thinking Out Loud
  904. This Gal’s Journey
  905. This Journey
  906. This Rookie Wife
  907. Thorns and Gold
  908. Thoughtful Pastor
  909. Thoughts Between Sundays
  910. The Thoughts I Think
  911. The Threadbare Couch
  912. Through a Glass, Darkly
  913. Through the Looking Glass
  914. Through the Wilderness
  915. Tidings of Comfort and Joy
  916. A Time to Embrace
  917. To Think Is to Create
  918. To Whom it May Concern
  919. Tomato, To-mah-to
  920. Towanda’s Window
  921. A Transformed Faith
  922. Transparent Splashes of Color
  923. Traveling Mercies
  924. Tregear Vean
  925. Tribal Church
  926. Tropic of Cancer
  927. Tuesday Thoughts
  928. Two Men and a Little Laney
  929. TxPreach Ponderings
  930. Unashamed
  931. Unchained Faith
  932. Under Much Grace
  933. Under the Tree
  934. Undercover Nun
  935. Unequally Yoked
  936. An Unfinished Symphony
  937. Ungrind
  938. Unscripted Life
  939. Until Everyone Hears
  940. An Untraditional Home
  941. The Upside Down World
  942. The Upward Call
  943. The Utley Experience
  944. The Viau From Here
  945. View Along the Way
  946. View from the Rafters
  947. ViewPoint
  948. Views From the Road
  949. Virtual Abbess 
  950. Visitation Monastery
  951. Visual Verses
  952. A Voice From the Foothills
  953. Voice in the Wilderness
  954. Volume II
  955. Waiting for the Day
  956. Walk by Faith Ministry
  957. Walking Toward Jerusalem
  958. Wanjoki Connection
  959. Warning: Rants May Ensue
  960. The Wartburg Watch
  961. WATER Voices
  962. Water-Wings
  963. We Are THAT Family
  964. We Mixed Our Drinks
  965. We Your People, Ours the Journey
  966. Weekly reFill
  967. Welcoming Spirit
  968. What a Cup of Tea
  969. What the Tide Brings In
  970. What’s the Story in Dalamory
  971. What’s Up Fagans?
  972. Where My Heart Resides
  973. Whitby Forum
  974. Windows on Ursuline Life
  975. Windows to the Soul
  976. Windswept Worship
  977. Wine & Marble
  978. WIT (Women in Theology) 
  979. With Conviction
  980. With Pen in Hand
  981. Woman, in Progress
  982. Woman. Wife. Mom. Theologian.
  983. Womanist Biblical Scholar Reflections
  984. A Woman’s Guide to Women: A Blog for Men
  985. Women Bible Life
  986. The Wonder Years
  987. Wonderful and Awful
  988. Word and Fire
  989. The Word Made Plain
  990. Wordgazer’s Words
  991. Words Half Heard
  992. Work in Progress
  993. Working Hypothesis
  994. Works in Progress
  995. The World Is My Cloister
  996. Worshiping With Children
  997. The Wounded Bird
  998. Writing as Jo(e)
  999. Y Tu Palta Tambien
  1000. Yearning for God
  1001. Young, Not Powerless
"Pepperidge Farm remembers."

‘A kind of resentful nostalgia’
"Can't help worrying that this will be a problem for a long time."

‘A kind of resentful nostalgia’
"Didn't quite have the heart to tell them that this was my third class of ..."

‘A kind of resentful nostalgia’

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  • AnonaMiss

    Quick OT, which I’m placing in this thread because it’s the newest: I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on grace and driving in traffic. My commute is the part of my life in which I most often give and receive grace from my fellow man, and I’m just interested on your take on it as a wiser man than I with a religion that revolves around grace.

    Also is there any chance we can get a contact form up somewhere on the site? All my non-work emails are blocked at work and I would have preferred to request this in a place where it wouldn’t derail.

  • Cathy W

    I have to admit – seeing this list, seeing that it was, seriously, up to 1001 entries, knowing it grew out of someone’s claim that they couldn’t find one woman Christian blogger of note… suddenly there was something in my eye. 

    Thank you, Fred.

  • Andrea

    An addition: my friend Amanda, a Princeton theology PhD and mother of the two most eloquent and hilarious toddlers I know: Her most recent post involves her three-year-old looking for a bedtime story and bringing Amanda a Greek New Testament, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Wesleyan Church Discipline before settling on a Sesame Street book. She also did a great seven-part series on Women in Ministry earlier this year.

  • Courtney

    Hi! I’m a recent graduate and blog about various Christian ramblings, and am female. :) , Life Outside the Fold

  • Charles Céleste Hutchins

    You’ve made Mary Daly the poster image for this post, and she was certainly influential, but I think it’s problematic to make her emblematic of of women theologians.  She was Janice Raymond’s dissertation adviser. That dissertation was _The Transsexual Empire_, a hugely influential book that lead to a lot of hatred and exclusion against trans women in feminism.  Daly also made her own contribution to discussion about trans women, comparing them to white people in black face.  This kind of racially problematic appropriation of other people’s oppression was not a one-off. Andre Lorde wrote a letter to Daly about racism in her work. Daly never engaged the letter.

    Daly was very much a product of her time. Parts of her work are hugely flawed, but other parts remain valuable.  However, if you want to make this a list for all women, not just cis white women, she might not be the best icon to use.

    Further discussion of Daly:

  • Wow, thanks for including me, Fred!!

  • This is an incredible list.  That must’ve been a lot of work to compile all of the names.  Thanks for doing this!!

  • Seeing the list is encouraging & makes me want to click through & meet all my sisters bravely writing and influencing online.  Thanks for the inclusion in it.  It’s an honor.

  • Wow, 1001, this is great! Also very happy to see my blog on the list. ^_^

  • Lara

    One more for the list – Alyson Quinn, who works for Prison Fellowship, blogs about her life and faith at

  • Hey, does the foreshortening in that picture up there with the axehead creep out anyone else’s sense of spatial relations? Like, that axehead should not be able to face the camera that way given how it’s being held.

  • Episcopalifem

    Wow! What a list! Thank you for includingy me (Episcopalifem)

  • Hmm…my comment was up before and now it’s not.  Any idea why that might have happened?

    Anyway, I was saying that my blog, Will Bike for Change (or Pie!) qualifies if it’s just Christian women bloggers, not just those focusing on faith/religious matters.  It’s about bicycling and sustainable food, with a healthy dose of social justice issues thrown in.

  • Thanks for posting this. What a gift.

  • earthchick

    Wow, thanks for posting this, and for including me. :)

  • Sarah

    It’s awesome to be amongst the list.

  • Jane Schmoetzer

    Acutally, the list is far longer:  RevGalBlogPals includes several hundred bloggers, most of whom are Christian clergy. A few are on this list separately; most are not.  

  • Grandmere Mimi

    Wounded Bird is honored to be included in the list. Thanks.

  • Esoterica1693

    Red Shoes Funny Shirt : a young-ish Episcopal priest who is a college chaplain

  • Thank you including me on the list. Whoever couldn’t find Christian women bloggers obviously weren’t looking that hard.

  • Esoterica1693
    “One Cannot Have Too Large a Party”
    Episcopal priest –blend of a photo blog and sermons/reflections.

  • Thank you so much for including me in this marvelous company!

  • Blessed and honored to be on this list (More Meredith Gould).  Sometimes I feel like I’m a voice ranting out in the wilderness, but I guess most of us feel that way. 

  • Rachel Hackenberg

    Echoing Grace: I want to dive into reading the words of my sister bloggers! Thanks for such a resource and for including me ( on the list.

  • Elizabeth Evans

    Strangely, though I can’t find my blog (, I am now getting visitors from this post.  Thank you!  Perhaps I need new contact lenses.  

    What a great idea.  Hours (and hours) of good reading and inspiration from my sisters in faith down the road in the morning. Elizabeth

  • thanks for reading &  including me & for the lower caps, too, that made me smile.  may more and more fires be fanned into flame…

  • Tericarol21

    So excited to have all these new bloggy friends to read. Thank you for including me (Clever Title Here) and for posting this–so glad someone is responding to the ridiculousness of “no christian women bloggers.” I mean, seriously. 

  • Phil Ewing

    Thanks very much for including my blog  Blue Eyed Ennis. I’m honoured and humbled  to find myself in such good company.

  • This Jesus Freak is honored to be included!  Thank you to all the Christian women bloggers out there.  Your thoughts and reflections sometimes make me laugh, sometimes make me cry, sometimes challenge my but always feed my soul.

  • What a treasure trove of wisdom you’ve collected! Thank you! You’ll find my blog at

  • Thanks for the work that went into this post! What a great company of women. 

  • It’s an honor to be included in this list, and it’s encouraging to see so many sisters using their words to tell a better story! xo

  • Thank you for including me in this list! Blog on!

  • Wait, why are these women bloggers I should know?

    “This is not a list of the “top” Christian women bloggers, or the best, or the most popular. It’s just a list of those I’m aware of thus far.”So, I should know them because they are female? Does that mean I should know men bloggers because they are male?

  • This is exciting. It makes me wish I had hours to just click and read! 

  • Wait, why are these women bloggers I should know?

    You should know them because you should know that they exist at all.  Many male Christian bloggers were asking “Where are all of the women Christian bloggers?” and this is the answer to that question.  I don’t think Fred is saying we need to personally read each and every one of them, but just that this group is out there and writing.

  • Jen

    Jen Garrison Stuber, of The 52 Churches Project:

  • I wanted to add “to be honest” by Lyndsey Graves. It’s been one of my personal favorites. It’s here

  • crystal

    Thanks for the mention  :)

  • Shannon Savage-Howie

    I just got started on the blog train- but I’d love to be added! 
    Life…It’s kinda like that

  • Sarah Richardson

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I just found MYSELF on this list. How did that happen? I guess sometimes screaming does help, eh? I’m so honored and terrified. And excited to read through the rest of this list! Cheers!

  • Anne Fraley

    Humbled and honored to be among my sisters on this list. 

  • I exist! Ha.

  • Kind as you are to put the “Beaker Folk” on the list, I think you’ll find that the main “author” is an imaginary person… 

  • Mary Luti

    I’d like to offer, a new blog with sermons, midrash and marginal notes, not to mention the occasional doggerel

  • Thank you for this list! Although I’m in the RevGalBlogPals group that you already listed, I’d love to be listed separately when you update:

  • julie ball

    I’d like to add myself to the list if I may: – about how moving to Memphis, TN, has impacted my faith, about my ongoing journey to find my place in Christian ministry, and just ramblings about the Bible and whatever else sparks my spirit. Thanks!

  • alliespence

    Wow! Big huge thank you for including me on this list! It is such an honour to be listed amongst some of my favourite female Christian bloggers! So thankful for the amazing community blogging can bring! :)

  • Beth

    Thank you for including me on this list and for even thinking about this!!! 

  • Elizabeth

    Honored  to be on this list. Thanks for the inclusion.