Top posts for January

Last month we talked about tribalism, religious privilege, the white evangelical persecution complex, company towns, Rules for Christian Sex, and Dungeons & Dragons.

1. Tribalism isn’t about feelings, it’s about the zero-sum outlook

2. ‘There’s nothing mutual about it’: White evangelicals, privilege distress and grievance envy

3. Do white evangelicals have a persecution complex? Barna says yes, and provides quantifiable proof

4. 16 tons and bricks without straw: Christianity Today wants to bring back the company town

5. Your lips say ‘school prayer,’ but your eyes tell me ‘desegregation’

6. Rules for Christian sex and rules about rules

7. NRA: Winners and losers

8. ‘Seneca Falls and Selma and Stonewall’

9. NRA: Feeling bad

10. Mazes & Monsters and the BADD old days: I’m collecting stories of the backlash against Dungeons & Dragons

Staff pick: Evangelical Alliance responds to Simon Peter’s dangerous sermon in Acts 11


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"Yeah, I really doubt the truth of that statement."

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