VIDEO: Becoming the Liturgy – Ian Morgan Cron on the Slow Work of God.

This is a lovely clip from The Work of the People of Ian Morgan Cron talking about the Slow work of God… (HT: Scott Emery)



CLICK HERE for another related and excellent clip from Cron, on the bread and the wine…

  • Alissa @ Episcotheque

    YES. This is a beautiful clip. I love the idea of the slow work of God. My experience of God has been, almost without exception, a slow, subtle revelation; the sort of thing I could miss if I didn’t take care to listen. For a long time, I felt like my experience was somehow inferior to the religious highs and pivotal, life-changing moments of insight reported by others, but came to realize that there’s as much power and perhaps greater sustainability in a slow faith. Maybe that’s why I became an Episcopalian — so I could work at becoming the liturgy. Lex orandi, lex credendi, right? Off to explore more of these vids.

  • Scott Emery

    Glad you liked the video. As I said on Facebook, as soon as I watched it, I thought of you guys and your work. I especially liked this part that went something like, “I kept telling the story over and over again until I became the story.” Great stuff.
    Here is my blog address in addition to my FB page: Glad to be of some help. Keep up all the good work on your end. Blessings.

  • Susan Adams

    Wow, thanks very much for hooking me up with the dozens of Ian Morgan Cron video clips available on YouTube! What rich, evocative language he uses-very helpful and very encouraging.
    Good find, Chris!