Walter Brueggemann Cuts to the Heart of Slow Church.

Was getting ready to starting writing the chapter on Abundance for the Slow Church book, by reading an article by Walter Brueggemann entitled “The Liturgy of Abundance, The Myth of Scarcity” when I stumbled on the following words, which I just had to stop everything and share, as they so elegantly name what Slow Church is about:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if liberal and conservative church people, who love to quarrel with each other, came to a common realization that the real issue confronting us is whether the news of God’s abundance can be trusted in the face of the story of scarcity?

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Wow! That’s it! Bruegemann’s words almost brought tears to my eyes.

The people of God are one. Let’s come to the table together and celebrate God’s abundance, and over the meal, let’s talk about our differences and find our common ground on which we can slowly move forward together.