Jean Vanier Interview.

Today is the birthday of Jean Vanier, the founder of the L’Arche communities.

If there is anyone who could be called a prophet of Slow Church, it is Vanier…

Here is an excellent seven-part interview with Vanier
(the quality of what Vanier says is excellent, the quality of the video and audio, less so…  Sometimes you may need to turn up the volume to catch what the soft-spoken Vanier is saying…)

I recommend starting with this video (Part 7):

[ Part 1 – Can Aristotle be a Guide for Life? ]  [ Part 2 – The Heart and the Mind ]

[ Part 3 – Celebrating Life ]  [ Part 4 – Learning from the Weak ]

[ Part 5 – Becoming Human ]  [ Part 6: Avoiding the Guru Syndrome ]

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