Cornel West on Obama and the Domestication of MLK’s legacy.

Please, PLEASE take five minutes on this Inauguration Day and watch the following video…

Cornel West is spot on that Obama has done precious little to address the three main concerns that animated MLK: racism (in 2013, the “prison-industrial complex’), militarism and poverty.

And while you’re at it, think about the question of where the real power for transformation lies?
I would suggest, as Cornel West does here that it is not in the Oval Office, or government in general, but in the people of God, and prophets like MLK, who can whet our appetite’s for the coming Kingdom of God…

  • Susan Adams

    Chris, thank you for sharing this wonderful clip from Cornell West, who was just in Indianapolis with Tavis Smiley last week. Dr. West always reminds me that God’s transformation of all things and inbreaking Kingdom require believers to resist sanitizing or deodorizing the painful truth of the ugly realities of our time. I join our brother, Cornell West, in praying for our brother, President Obama, and also in Cornell West’s dream of the loving brotherhood of man.

  • Bill

    I’m in full agreement with you. But it’s not just President Obama who has failed in these areas. Nothing could have silenced the antiwar movement more effectively than the election of President Obama. Despite the fact that he has continued the warmongering policies of his predecessor (and in the case of drone warfare intensified them) he is seemingly immune from criticism from the left (including notably the Christian left), who instead gather around him like adoring fans. Good for Cornel West, John Dear and the few others who have stood fast to principle. May the day come when we are no longer satisfied with evil, merely because we believe it to be of a lesser sort.