The Virtue of Dialogue – Workshop Slides

Today I led a workshop for The Center for Congregations on the practice of conversation, based on Englewood’s experience with conversation, and my book The Virtue of Dialogue (Patheos Press 2012).


The slides from that presentation are included below….

I did make a rough audio recording of the workshop, so if that turns out to be listenable, I might also share it here.

I‘ve given a similar presentation to a number of churches and groups of churches. Contact me if your church would be interested in hosting such a conversation…

Download the Slides Here (PDF)

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  • prodigalthought

    I’m thirsty for more conversations in our gatherings. But it is challenging in a ‘Sunday morning context’. Everyone knows the opportunity for those most awkward moments through blurted out, unthoughtful statements. But, perhaps, letting go of control is a very good thing. And I also believe in more focused teaching times. But sharing together can create family and strong learning.