Help Pick the Worst Christian Book Covers of 2013!

Last year, the assistant editor of The Englewood Review of Books and I, picked the 12 worst Christian book covers of 2012. (Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already!)

This year we are going to be making a list for 2013, but we need your help to make this year’s list better and even funnier.
So, The Englewood Review is running a contest to get your recommendations for worst Christian book cover and to allow you to vote for your favorite contest entries….

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Here’s a slideshow of some of the worst covers from last year and some really bad ones from this year:

2013 Contest Entry

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It’s hard to pick–especially from the plethora of Amish romances–but I have settled on this one because of the extra-bad Photoshopping. The original model was not wearing that outfit–her head has been glued to the dress and the bonnet stuck on her head by software magic. Plus the bonnet has magical sparkle power! The giant ‘bestseller’ seal and the generic title font do not help.

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