Meta goes to Edmonton!


The Meta book tour begins this week in Canada, followed by New York in May, and Indianapolis in June.

For those in the Edmonton area that are interested in my and Adam’s dialogue on the big questions and combined effort to end human trafficking, come check us out.

We’ll kick things off on Thursday, April 5th at 7pm at the University of Alberta. The program is billed as “A Christian Humanist, a Secular Humanist, and a Theologian” and is moderated by Randal Rauser, professor of historical theology at Taylor Seminary (who wrote a nice review for the book). Randal is no stranger to dialogues such as these, having written An Atheist and a Christian Walk Into a Bar with co-author Justin Schieber, and participated in similar events. Admission is free.

On Friday, April 6th, Adam and I will be on Randal’s podcast. Later that evening, Adam and I will be guest speakers at the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton’s Educational Chaplaincy fundraising dinner at St. Matthias Anglican Church, and will be moderated by Reverend Sarah Holmstrom.

At both events, we’ll be celebrating how to elevate the discussion on the big questions with someone of opposing views, all the while rallying around the shared cause of ending modern slavery.


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