Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius Today!

Mercury Retrograde from Sagittarius to Scorpio and back again today at 4pm PDT thru November 27

I’ve been so busy digging out emails, bills, letters, scripts and message that need to be answered, looking at agreements that need to be reviewed, taxes that need to be re-done, burning CD’s of photo’s from past trips, fixing audio files that were corrupted, re-scheduling appointments that I missed, and feeling a little overwhelmed, that I haven’t had one minute to write about the already upon us Mercury Retrograde.  Clearly this one is going to make it presence known in my life with much fanfare.  I’ve also been answering the phone and emails about fantastic new opportunities that weren’t there yesterday.  The activity meter is already turned way up, which is the exciting part of the next three weeks, many new things come, lots of activity is generated, the pot gets stirred in the most interesting way.

Mercury is going retrograde in the early degrees of Sagittarius, inspiring an expanded notion of doing more, having more abundance, generating a large truth seeking, higher minded opinion of things.  Keep in mind all the basic tenants of Mercury retro, expect the unexpected, have a plan B, don’t get overly upset when things don’t go as you thought they would, there is usually a fascinating reason, open your mind to the notion of cooperation with higher forces and make spontaneity your best friend.

We also have a total solar eclipse November 13-14 which is a new Moon in Scorpio – so we can expect some cosmic shenanigans, some of which might be highly challenging, to step in right about now.  We’ll still be cleaning up from a major storm and a major election and some more content may be added to our already full plates at this time.

November 15, Mercury, the planet of communication already traveling back, goes into the sign of Scorpio and things plunge into a more serious, depth level orientation.  Secrets, mysteries, hidden sexual transformational and psychological themes are stressed.  This is the time when secrets are revealed that have been hidden and seemingly require some sort of action to clean up, fix or heal.  Stay positive and light, don’t take it too seriously, bring in a healing massage, a visit to the shaman or an excursion into a secret juicy creative project.

Mercury then goes direct on November 26 in Scorpio – much has been unearthed by this time.  The cosmic back hoe has come through and revealed anything festering and stagnant so it can now be turned into the nourishment for growth and understanding.  Mercury has made it to Sagittarius again by December 12 and a higher minded approach is once again available.  We’ve dug out from some cosmic cave and are able to see philosophically and optimistically.  We dove down, found a pearl and brought it back up to admire and make use of.

Imagine Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods, turns his head back to see what he’s missed on the path he’s been so rapidly traveling . . . as he turns and looks behind him, he notices many things and since his travel goes from Sagittarius (higher mindedness) back to Scorpio, (transformation and re-birth), it’s like an eagle spotting a mouse on the ground, the eagle swoops down from the heights, grabs the mouse and flies back up into the air on its mighty wings to continue enjoying its lofty view.  Not so good for the mouse perhaps, so keep in mind the importance of channeling the Eagle, not the Mouse!

The plunge into the darker stuff of life is deepening; it makes for maturity, wisdom, richness and strength.  This will be a strengthening time period, one filled with many surprises and delights based on some transformational accomplishment that may require some sand, some courage.  Clarify your intentions at this time; remain calm, relaxed and involved with good feeling thoughts.  Don’t fall into unnecessary drama, don’t channel crazy people, observe the unfolding as though you’re in the most fantastic theater piece you’ve ever seen and enjoy each act as it reveals itself knowing it’s all a stage and we are but players – the key word Players.  Play and have fun remembering how absurdly much we have to be thankful for.

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