Haircare ad featuring white girls angers black women who think the product is exclusively theirs

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Now I’ve heard it all! Who knew a haircare commercial could be so racist for featuring a diverse cast! [Read more…]

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Sean Hannity’s ‘sexual harassment’ accuser is now saying what?!


M.J Randolph reported recently about a woman who’s trying to take down Sean Hannity: [Read more…]

New Thing To Be Wrong About: Having ‘Genital Preferences’ In Dating Is Transphobic


Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard at how inane this is! [Read more…]

Bill Nye the Science Guy Does Something on Television that You Can’t Unsee

This is absolutely stunning.  Bill Nye the Science Guy recently spoke out about transgenderism.  Why?  No one talks about anything else these days. Trey Sanchez at Truth Revolt has the scoop: [Read more…]

Dems freak out over Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock visiting the White House – here’s my favorite response

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I don’t know why liberals hate fun. Last week, when Sarah Palin posted photos of her, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock visiting the White House, Democrats went nuts. [Read more…]

Teacher Gets so Worked Up Over Conservative’s Paper, She Thought He Was Her Rapist


Inside Higher Ed  has the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read, in which a feminist professor — who says she is also a rape victim — freaks out when she has to grade a conservative male student’s paper.“Zero!” she screamed. “You get a fucking zero!” [Read more…]

Good news for decorated Marine facing prison sentence for gun charge


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A decorated Marine received some good news today thanks to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. [Read more…]

A diversity course tells professors they are racist if they expect minorities to be on time


Once upon a time, college professors were in the education business but more and more, they are babysitters for an increasingly coddled generation of the always offended. [Read more…]

Chelsea Clinton, the scrappy leader of The Resistance, said this without laughing

This Variety interview with Chelsea Clinton is just nausea-inducing: [Read more…]

The media chastising Sean Spicer for Hitler comparison, but they’ve done it, too


White House press secretary Sean Spicer is the favorite target of the mainstream media right now because of his recent gaffe about the use of chemical weapons in World War II. Because he was rather murky in his statement about how Adolf Hitler didn’t use them in the way Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has done against his own people, the leftist media have jumped on their high horse to point fingers at such a terrible denial of the atrocities of the Holocaust and Hitler’s gas chambers. But their short-term memories left out a history of them invoking Hitler’s name to make political points. [Read more…]