Keeping the Lights on in Winter

Keeping the Lights on in Winter January 19, 2018


Hey all,

I’ll be back later tonight with another “real” blog post. This post is just your periodic reminder that Steel Magnificat is almost entirely fueled by gratuities. It’s also my family’s only income.

For those of you who are just joining us, I am homebound more than half the time with a chronic illness. My husband Michael is the full-time homemaker because I’m rarely strong enough for housework and often need to be waited on like an invalid. Rosie is our daughter and she insists on outgrowing her clothes at an alarming rate.  We busk online with our writing to make ends meet. We write Catholic meditations,  political commentary, weird art pieces and fun local color stories three to seven times a week.  We get lots of little five-and-ten-dollar tips, sometimes we get way more, and we are very grateful to all of you for our sustenance. Some months we’re practically rich. During this cold snap, we’re not rich. The gas company only accepts one currency and it’s not literary art. You guys are literally keeping the lights on for this blog, not to mention the internet service, the furnace, and the esoteric vitamins I take for chronic fatigue syndrome which Medicaid doesn’t cover.

So, if you like what you read, or if you just want to be generous, give me a tip! It’s easy to do. Scroll to the top of this page and click on the “donate” tab. Then click on the yellow “donate” button with the pictures of credit cards on it and PayPal will walk you through making a donation to “The Little Portion,” which is what I call my house when I’m not calling it “the Death Trap” and so I named my PayPal the same thing.

Thank you so much for your support. Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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