Many Silences, One Stillness People sometimes ask me about the difference between stillness and silence. I believe there are many silences, but one stillness. We know the silence of “dead air”when there is supposed to be audio but there is not. There can be silence when something we said to be funny or profound is not received that way. I know the silence which arrives when I reach a certain level of anger. Even though I grow more talkative as… Read more

When Things Spin Out of Control It can be easy to feel like the world and our lives on it are spinning out of control. So much I was taught to believe as a child has crumbled and disappeared. We may feel like the truths on which our lives were built have proven to be false. I was born into a black and white world, a world divided between good and evil. It was easy to understand who was a… Read more

We Go Beyond Where Voices Tell Us to Go Our minds are filled with voices telling us where to go, what to do, how to live our lives. We must choose whether we live the way voices tell us to live or we go beyond where they tell us to go. The voices fill our hearts and minds with expectations and directions about how we should live our lives. Voices ring in our ears to remind us about our responsibilities…. Read more

The Spiritual Practice of Humor We live in a time of tension and conflict, arguing and fighting for what we believe is true. Many of us are attracted to following spiritual practices simply so we can find a little peace. There are prayer practices and scripture practices, practices of contemplation and of action. One of my favorite practices is the spiritual practice of humor. I probably follow the spiritual practice of humor every day. Other people have noticed my passion… Read more

We Follow Leaders Who Inspire Us Leadership is not a skill we can learn by reading about it or studying it. Our leadership is a practice we develop by following the example of leaders who inspire us. We may be fortunate enough to actually know the leaders who inspire us. Some of us have the opportunity to meet and have conversations with them. There are leaders who inspire us by what they write, even when they lived long before we… Read more

When Stillness Seems Reluctant to Talk  Listening to sacred stillness is not always the most comfortable way to spend our time. There are days when sacred stillness just seems reluctant to talk. We can feel like we are looking out the window on a foggy, overcast day. Even familiar landmarks are difficult to see in the gloom. It is like those mornings when we wake up before the sun and cannot get back to sleep. We may toss and turn… Read more

Independence, Codependency, Interdependence? We value independence. It is something we demonstrate, fight to defend, and are proud to express. When we say something or someone is independent we mean they support themselves. There is a sense in which being independent means we can take care of ourselves. We often think of being independent as an aspect of becoming an adult. The country where I was born sets aside an entire day to celebrate independence. We began with a declaration of… Read more

What Do Real Leaders Actually Do? I have worked in places where we began to wonder what real leaders actually do. In our experience, leaders said a few words to get people started, then disappear into meetings all day. Sometimes leaders disappear into offices, which can be even worse than meetings. We had a vague, general idea leaders are concerned with budgets and productivity. They did not, though, seem to want to hear our ideas about either of them. Leaders… Read more

How We Recognize What is Sacred We live in a world where there is a clear distinction between what is sacred and what is not. What is sacred is separate from the everyday. We have a harder and harder time finding anything which people still recognize as sacred. It is more and more challenging for us to spend time experiencing what is sacred. How do we even recognize what is sacred? Some of us say we regularly practice listening to… Read more

When Spiritual Life Feels Broken I believe spiritual practices can be windows into spiritual life. We practice disciplines which help open us to deeper truths within ourselves and in the world around us. People ask me for help when they feel disciplines they practice may not be not working. They want to know if they are doing something wrong. Spiritual life feels broken. It is as if we want to turn a practice in for a newer model, or update… Read more

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