When Spiritual Life Feels Broken I believe spiritual practices can be windows into spiritual life. We practice disciplines which help open us to deeper truths within ourselves and in the world around us. People ask me for help when they feel disciplines they practice may not be not working. They want to know if they are doing something wrong. Spiritual life feels broken. It is as if we want to turn a practice in for a newer model, or update… Read more

My Summer Vocation Today is the first day of summer in my hemisphere, the day with the longest sunlight this year. Three months from today we will look back and tell the story of what we did on our summer vocation. For many people, our vocation is what we do for a living, our job. We think of vocational schools or vocational assessments. People who see vocation this way might set summer goals and review in a few months to… Read more

We Leave Our Distractions Behind Can we leave our distractions behind? Our lives are filled with bright, shiny objects diverting us from where we say we want to go. We set out to explore and discover our true selves but then change course along the way. All our good intentions do not seem to help us stay on the path we have chosen. Just when we commit ourselves to living heathy lives we notice a new place which offers great… Read more

What are Our Metaphors for Spiritual Life? Do you have any chosen metaphors for spiritual life? Spiritual life is, by its very nature, beyond our ability to understand it. Does anyone truly grasp and appreciate all the complexities and concepts of spiritual life? Each of us relies on our own metaphors to help us recognize the spiritual life within us. Some of us see spiritual life as a crutch or a thermometer for taking our spiritual temperature. Other people approach… Read more

Discover Lights in the Darkness We sit in the dark, unable to sleep, early in the morning or late at night, listening to sacred stillness. Even during the longest days of summer, we close our eyes and darkness surrounds us. Listening, we discover lights in the darkness. Around us the world is asleep. The darkness makes us nervous. We may not be afraid of monsters under the bed, the way we did when we were children. Still, we feel vulnerable… Read more

Spiritual Life is Not About Being Responsible I know people who seem to think spiritual life is about being responsible. They are convinced spiritual life drives us to become more responsible. These people believe spiritual life within them and in the world draws them to take on responsibilities. They take on projects and positions of responsibility and approach them with serious intention. Many people view spiritual life as a ladder or staircase of responsibility. They see additional responsibilities as signs… Read more

Who Inspires You to Become a Leader? I know a lot of leaders, and each one is unique. Some of the leaders I know are excellent at speaking in public to groups of people; others are much more effective talking to one or two people. Some of the leaders I know are very good writers. They write with grace and substance. I also know people for whom writing a few sentences is a terrible ordeal. Some leaders are extroverts and… Read more

Going Beyond Everyday Limits Listening to sacred stillness is how we go beyond everyday limits. There are times each day when my own limits come into clear focus. I get to a point where I cannot go any further, physically or emotionally or intellectually. It is almost as if everyday life is trying to point out our limits to us. Even though I am recovering as a workaholic, I still often strain against limitations. I do not like to think there… Read more

The Power of Anticipation Do you believe in the power of anticipation? Some people approach life as an opportunity to anticipate. They pride themselves on their preparation for any eventuality. People who anticipate follow a list. Their bags are packed and ready to go before the morning of their trip. People who enjoy anticipation like to believe they can see around corners and in dark spaces. They like to think they can foresee complications and plan accordingly. The people who… Read more

An Introduction to Monastic Leadership Monastic leadership grows from a unique set of assumptions and expectations. We think of leadership as being out in front, directing people’s effort, making decisions. Our understanding of leadership starts with telling people what to do and how to do it. We believe people need to learn and wait to become leaders. Many of us believe we choose our leaders in popularity contests. Some of us see leaders as special people with enhanced abilities. Our… Read more

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