I Want to Get to Know These People Better!

I met some people the other day who are out to change the world.

I first heard about them because another friend of mine, who knows me pretty well, thought I might be interested and sent me a link to a story about them. I read it and thought, “I want to get to know these people!”

Their vision is tangible.

Craft brewers would benefit from the ability to sell their brews in cans, but the equipment for canning takes up too much space and is too expensive for each brewery. That is where the Can Van comes in.

If craft breweries were able offer their product in cans, broader markets would be open to them. Cans are lighter than bottles and easier to stack, making them more efficient to ship. Cans also keep beer fresher longer, and they are the most recycled beverage container in the United States.

We who are craft brew consumers could enjoy our favorite craft beers anywhere, anytime. Cans are also preferable in certain places like airplanes, camping, or by the pool.

Developed by five friends in the San Francisco area who met in a Sustainable Management MBA program, the Can Van is a mobile canning service for craft breweries. A local, creative, collaborative approach to providing the benefits of canning their beer to small craft breweries, the Can Van provides the equipment and expertise to make canning cost-effective on a different scale.

These are the kind of people I want to get know better, the kind of people I meet online everyday. People with ideas and vision, and who are willing and able to turn their vision into reality

I am a Fan of the Can Van, and look forward to getting to know them better. Anyone who has an insightful, practical way to make great craft beer more accessible to more people has my attention!

What ideas do you have that would make the world a better place? What is holding you back?

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