The Can Van Interview: Part Two

I wanted to learn more about my new friends who are developing the Can Van in San Francisco, and they agreed to answer a few of my questions. Here is the second of two parts:

So, how will the van work? How will a craft brewery get you to come help them?

We will bring the equipment to breweries in our trailer.  The Wild Goose engineered canning line itself will roll out of the trailer to get as close as possible to the beer tanks, ensuring the best quality.   It is not hard for a brewer to convince us to show up. Just give us a call and we can talk canning and work out the best service to suit the brewery. We have multiple service options for breweries of all sizes, including all the packaging materials as well as labor. Right now we are based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, serving the Northern and Central California regions. With any luck, we can expand to serve other areas in the future.

What is each of your favorite craft brew?

Jenn: I can’t pick just one: Deschutes Black Butte, Lost Coast Great White, North Coast PranQster

Lindsey: I’m currently enjoying Almanac’s creations, Lagunitas, and anything local, hoppy, and/or experimental!

Kate: Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat

Jake: Lagunitas IPA

Heath: Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale

How can we help the can van get started?

Our IndieGoGo campaign has concluded, but you can still help by telling your favorite breweries that you’d love to get their beer in a can!  You can also tell your friends how good beer is in a can to help shift the market perception that only cheap beer comes in a can. Your local liquor store should also know that you want to see more beer in cans, so that they can encourage the distributors to help breweries get their cans more shelf space.

How likely is it that the Can Van will visit Southern California?

We plan to head down to San Diego in the spring for the Craft Brewers Conference.  But that’s probably not what you meant.  Once we prove the concept here in Northern California we would love to expand to other areas, and Southern California is a prime candidate!

[Image by Hop Talk]

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