Our Pilgrimage is Not a Race



Our pilgrimage is not a race.

There are some similarities. Planning and preparation are important. Breathing is essential. We train and practice each day. Each step has lessons to teach us. Sometimes we develop a rhythm or find the zone.

There are very significant differences.

Our pilgrimage is neither a marathon nor a sprint. It is not a competition with anyone else or even with our own best effort. Our pilgrimage is not about improving our technique, winning a medal, or proving anything to anyone. It is not even about receiving a new shirt.

Pilgrimage is longer than the longest race.

Runners in a race are all headed in the same direction, toward the same goal. The point of a race is to complete the course as quickly as you can. You get the best equipment you can, train and prepare, and push yourself to run as fast as you can. You work as hard as you can to earn the best result you can, to be the fastest, to win.

Our pilgrimage is not about gaining speed over a distance toward a goal.

The point of our pilgrimage is to be aware on the journey. We are not focused on getting a good start or arriving at a finish line.

Pilgrimage is not about earning a result. Pilgrimage is about learning, being open to the lessons of each step.

Pilgrimage is about becoming. The journey shows us our true selves in new depth, and we share ourselves with the people we meet who are on journeys of their own. We gain experience and insight, not speed. We share the wisdom we have gathered, and we inspire each other to continue.

Where is your pilgrimage taking you today?

What lessons are there for you in your next step?

[Image by  Ed Yourdon]

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  • Peg Gillard (@gracinginfinity)

    Today, my pilgrimage took a sharp turn into some shadowy areas. My reflection on this has brought some ideals and principles into the forefront. I know I should have waited to confront an issue. I thought I might not do it if I waited. How important was it to confront someone on their ill-effect on others?What would have happened had I waited or not done it at all? Would I have felt like I had missed the opportunity to deal head on with less than ethical behavior? I am not sure, and it doesn’t matter now. I must let go and let be and discover where the Universe and my pilgrimage take me now. There are two more I must also face in similar fashion. The lesson is whether I can do this is a manner that I will feel is more compassionate yet strong and authentic. I am not fond of these discussions but it is important to helping others grow or find a path more suited to them. I must work to learn a better way to do it. Or perhaps the way it happened was just as it should have been. I can’t know that. Let go now and let be. The Universe will respond. Thanks Greg!

    • Strategic Monk

      Thank you, Peg.

      I would be happy to talk, or listen, if that would be helpful.

      At its core, this is an opportunity for you to be the compassionate, strong, and authentic person you are. Deep breathing is helpful, as is the deep recognition of yourself that I know you have.

      Remember that this is your pilgrimage, not a race.

      • Peg Gillard (@gracinginfinity)

        My pilgrimage is definitely slow and steady, with much to learn and experience. I do each every day. You offered great food for thought here, especially as I continue to explore and reflect upon “Pilgrimage” in general. Thank you for offering your wisdom.


        • Strategic Monk

          Thank you, Peg.

          It is a privilege for me to be on this pilgrimage with you.