Researching 2013 Craft Brewery Pilgrimage


Though last years’s Craft Brewery Pilgrimage culminated months ago, I have not spent the winter resting.

I have a long term commitment to meeting the challenges of crafting a movement and creating meaningful revelry. I am dedicated to do whatever it takes to complete the arduous work of researching and preparing for the approaching 2013 Craft Brewery Pilgrimage.

Enlisting like-minded pilgrims, I am visting craft breweries in various counties in Southern California, including San Diego, Orange, and Riverside.  I even spent a weekend in Lodi and researched the Lodi Beer Company. You can see evidence of my work if you follow me on Instagram.

Please let me know if you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to help with the ongoing rigorous and extensive research effort.

I would also appreciate your recommendations and suggestions of your favorite craft breweries.  It would be extremely helpful if, when you make a recommendation, you would be willing to join me on a visit there.

My Craft Brewery Pilgrimage helps me meet in person the people who I have already met online, and bring them together to enjoy great new craft beers here in Southern California.  We inform people about the long legacy of monastic communities in helping us brew better, and sample some of the results of that legacy.  We show people how leadership is like creating a great craft brew.  We also highlight some amazing work by inspiring nonprofit organizations throughout our region.

Please help me continue the revelry and make this year’s pilgrimage just as much fun.

There will be even more attractions this year; for example, I can hardly wait to show you a very cool tattoo!

The Great Books & Great Brews Group will begin this month. What an excellent year!

Where would you like to help me research for the 2013 Craft Brewery Pilgrimage?

[Image by Zach Klein]

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  • Diana

    Some of my favorite local breweries are:

    -Golden Road Brewing Co

    -Eagle Rock Brewery

    -Hangar 24

    -Dale Bros Brewery


    -The Bruery

    -Lady Face Alehouse

    Local Pubs:

    -Tony’s Darts Away

    -Glendale Tap

    -King’s Row

    -38 Degrees

  • Strategic Monk

    Thank you, Diana!

    My pilgrimages have included many of these, but there are a few I still need to explore. My research continues!

  • Margaret Feinberg

    Greg, this looks like so much fun!

    • Strategic Monk

      Thank you, Margaret!

      The pilgrimage stops include a lot of fun and revelry, as well as leadership and pilgrimage. We have amazing conversations, and learn quite a bit from each other and from the craft brewers we visit.

      Come on out this summer!