Leadership is Moving Outside Our Comfort Zone


Leadership is not about being comfortable.

Leaders bring out the best in the people around them. They help everyone exceed their own expectations; the people around them, and the people around those people. Leaders inspire the members of their team, their fellow leaders, their clients and customers, their own mentors.

The leaders who inspire me ask a lot of questions. They begin by asking Why? and are curious about Why Not?

The leaders who are examples to me seek deep answers to serious questions. They are focused on helping us become the best we can be and achieving the best results we can. They are relentless in helping me see myself clearly and honestly, and become stronger. They are not satisfied with people who are asleep, and willing to help them wake up.

The leaders who help shape my life and leadership pursue the truth, and are willing to address issues and go to places where they may not be comfortable.

Leaders grow uncomfortable in the comfort zone.

Leaders thrive on exploring, and are not satisfied with merely meeting expectations. Their passion for authenticity with other people grows out of their passion for authenticity in themselves. They recognize that there are always more layers to go deeper, more to understand, more ways to strengthen and improve. They appreciate the value of going beyond where we are comfortable.

The leaders I remember, who have helped me the most, have taught me not to allow comfort to hold me back from my deepest desires. The places where I am most comfortable are often not the places where I can be most effective, see the farthest, or have the most to celebrate.

What makes you least comfortable about your own leadership?

Where are the limitations of your comfort zone? How will you go beyond them?

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  • http://Hallvictorio.us Justin Keith

    Excellent. I completely agree. Leaders have the character and grit to help others grow and go places they never have.


    • Strategic Monk

      Thank you, Justin!

      Yes, leadership is an adventure. We find the lessons, and the adventure, leadership has for us beyond where we are comfortable. Inspiring leaders draw us out into the depth.