Leadership Goes Beyond Inspiration

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I talk often about the leaders who inspire me. Their examples encourage me and motivate me to keep going.

There are times, though, when I am not particularly inspired. I am tired, and cannot find the words to express what I mean. Things are not working. I do not know whether I can explain it all again. I am not sure I can listen to even one more person.

There are times when the flames in my heart and soul sparked by inspiration are almost extinguished.

Fortunately, leadership goes beyond inspiration.

The sparks of inspiration need both air and fuel to continue and grow into flaming leadership.

Sometimes our fires struggle for air. Our leadership may need us to take a few deep breaths, or a walk. It may need us to spend some time in reflection, or even rest.

There are times when we can feel the fire growing within us as we listen to silence, remembering our own core values and just how fire works. Without enough air, our flames go out; we cannot spark a fire in anyone else’s soul.

Without air, our leadership flame burns out.

Sometimes our fire needs more fuel. Our leadership may need us to take initiative, to reach out and try something new. Our flame may need to be fed with preparation or planning that leads us into a new direction.

We can feel the fire of leadership grow in us as we put our values and vision into practice in new ways. Like any good campfire, the flames of the kindling of our everyday practices and goals help ignite the potential of our values and principles.

Air and fuel are both important as the fire does its work.

Does your leadership go beyond inspiration?

How do you strengthen the flame of your leadership?

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