Leadership Needs Gravity

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Gravity holds us together.

Without gravity, we would float out, away from the center of the earth. We need a center of gravity.

Leaders, in particular, rely on their center of gravity. It is easy for us, especially those of us who believe in the power of both contemplation and action, to begin drifting away.

Gravity attracts us to the center. Gravity draws out what is significant and important in us.

When we tend to become conceptual or intangible, to lose touch with the center of who we are, gravity reminds us that we are tethered.

The leaders who inspire me help us turn our core values and vision into reality. I can easily be distracted by getting caught up in the nuances of trying to understand every aspect of my values.

Gravity brings us down to earth.

Two of the people who inspire me as a contemplative activist leader are Chris and Phileena Heuertz. One of my earliest blog posts was a review of Phileena’s book Pilgrimage of a Soul.

Chris and Phileena have worked in some of the places of most intense suffering and need in the world. Their experiences have drawn them to understand their spirituality more clearly. The lessons they have learned through activism help them see spiritual health in new ways.

A year ago today, Phileena and Chris established the Gravity Center.  Their work through the center and its website, gravitycenter.com, provides support and resources including training, retreats, spiritual direction, and pilgrimages to people around the world. They strive to “do good better.”

The Gravity Center helps remind me what draws us together.

Leaders rely on their center of gravity to find their balance.

What reminds you that gravity holds you?

When do you experience the sense that you are grounded?

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