Working Together


My work is a combination of working on my own and working with other people. The line separating them becomes more and more difficult to see.

It is often working on my own that is more of a challenge for me. I suppose I may be harder to work with than most people. I have expectations of myself that can be unrealistic. I am learning to trust myself, my intuitions. I am learning to take my own needs into consideration.

There are times when other people can be distracting, or get in the way. Generally, I feel encouragement and support from people around me. The people around me usually help me take my time.

It can be hard work for me to spend time working on my own.

I have been told that I am an extrovert practicing being an introvert.

The silence I hear when I am on my own draws me. I can get immersed in the quiet, the solitude, the calm.

There is an ironic balance for me that I work on my own to find words to write, words to say. Then I spend time with people being quiet and listening.

The work on my own and the work with other people feed each other.

Even the work on my own is not working alone. The words and the voices of other people guide me.

Even in the work I do with other people, there is work on my own. As I focus on listening well, I can hear my own voice and my own thoughts.

Our work puts us in touch with the inner workings of the world around us.

How do you work on your own? How do you work with other people?

What are the ways working on your own helps you work together?

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