Like Clock Work


We are organized people.

We appreciate it when life runs smoothly, efficiently, and regularly; like clock work. We take comfort from our ability to foresee challenges and plan our way around them. We enjoy feeling that we have taken everything into consideration, that we are doing a good job.

Few things frustrate me more than when something on which I need to rely does not work. It may be the thing that runs out of battery life exactly when I need it or the app that does not actually change everything. It may be the person who tells me they will help, but does not.

We hold ourselves accountable for making life run like clockwork, and take on responsibility when things do not. We believe, in some deep crevice of ourselves, we are to blame when difficulties happen. If only we were good enough, we could hold everything together.

We believe that what we do is essential to making all of life run smoothly.

The value of clocks is that they are dependable. They will tell us the time accurately when we ask.

Clocks tell time by dividing it into small manageable units and measuring each unit. Accurate clocks are an essential part of navigating our way around the earth. The degrees of longitude and latitude are divided into minutes and seconds.

Knowing where we are is a function of good clockwork.

Even the most reliable clocks in the world need to be adjusted, and to be powered externally. Even clocks may not necessarily run like clockwork.

Slicing our days into smaller and smaller measurable pieces does not help us decide how to make them count.

When will you take time to rewind your own clock today?

How do you navigate your way through your world?

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