Practices From the Inside Out: What Do We Worship?

What Do We Worship? Some people believe there are special places we must go to worship. If we do not go there, we are not worshipping. People think worship only takes place at particular, set times on specific days. I know people who think unless we do certain things in the right order we are not [Read More…]

Leading Like a Monk: Finding the Best in Other People

Finding the Best in People The leaders who inspire me are able to find the best in the people around them. They connect with people different from themselves and see their potential. Some leaders are committed to seeing what each person has to offer and making the most of it. Finding the best in other people is [Read More…]

Practices From the Inside Out: Is Spiritual Life Intuitive?

Is Spiritual Life Intuitive? I was raised with the expectation that things were supposed to make sense. Life did not necessarily come with instructions, but you could sit down and figure it out. The idea was once you learned how something worked you could take it apart and fix it. If you were going to [Read More…]

Practices From the Inside Out: What Does God Look Like to You?

Even those of us who are not sure God exists have our own idea of what God looks like. [Read more…]

Leading Like a Monk: Bringing Our Intention to Life

Our values drive us. Often formed before we can possibly be conscious of them, our values shape who we are. As we grow and learn we discover our values for ourselves. [Read more…]

Practices From the Inside Out: The Stillness Between Words

Stillness Between Words Words grab us and hold us. Words in books and newspapers, words on street signs, even words written in blog posts. Spoken words, words in videos and words in songs. We say we are listening to someone else but we are busy thinking of our own next words. Our culture places an [Read More…]

Practices From the Inside Out: When We Take a Wrong Turn

Taking a Wrong Turn Most of us like to know where we are going and how we intend to get there. We feel more comfortable when we have, and understand, a good set of directions. I know people who do not really trust the guidance they receive from electronic devices. They prefer to see the big [Read More…]

Practices From the Inside Out: The Dance of Spiritual Life

The Dance of Spiritual Life All of us are part of the dance of spiritual life whether we realize it or not. We may admire the skill of the dancers. It may be the choreography which captures our attention or how well people play the music. It could be the spontaneity of the dancers or the intricacy [Read More…]

Spiritual Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

We do not know what motivated those men in Philadelphia when they agreed to these words 241 years ago. [Read more…]

Leading Like a Monk: Setting Our Internal Clocks

Setting Our Internal Clocks We live in a culture which wants to set our internal clocks for us. The society we have built for ourselves believes we work all day every day. It is difficult to schedule time for resting and sleeping, much less reflection, into our lives. There is always something more to read, [Read More…]