Pop Cultural Litmus Test of the Day

If viewing this image affords you half as much amusement and pleasure as creating it gave me, I urge you to seek medical advice immediately. (I hear Dr. Greg’s excellent with this sort of trouble…)

I’m done for, I know — trapped in the Fire Swap of Pop Culture References. But there’s hope for you yet. You’ll just have to go on without me

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  • Tom

    Okay, so who’s the last one? J.K. Rowling… Joss Whedon…George R.R. Martin and…who?

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/summathissummathat/ Joseph Susanka

      Can’t tell, Tom. That would be cheating.

      OK, I’m not that mean. Not really. Try going here.

      • Tom

        Thank you. As one of the few people who seems to have no awareness of Downton Abbey, I have no idea who he is.

        • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/summathissummathat/ Joseph Susanka

          I’ve heard of people like you, Tom. Never run into one before, though…until today. (Would “Gosford Park” work as a reference point, perhaps? That’s where I’d heard of him before “Downton.” And I still think it’s his best work.)

  • Hanna

    But Julian Fellowes has killed two people we care about. Three, I guess, if you count a more minor character in Season 2. The rest of them have killed WAY more than that, and in some really terrible ways.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/summathissummathat/ Joseph Susanka

      True enough, Hanna, though that seems more accurate when describing GRRM than Whedon or Rowling, really. (Also, there’s also a fairly shocking death in Season 1 of “Downton,” though it’s not — as you say — someone we care about.) At the same time, there’s something so abrupt and unexpected when Fellows does it, it sure does sting.