A Little Housekeeping

Apparently, Wyoming is experiencing a bit of a weather relapse.

Forecasts suggest anywhere between 8″-10″ of accumulation by the end of the night, which should fit in nicely with the 4″ or 5″ I’ve got on my porch right now. I love the snow, so I’m not particularly disappointed by Winter’s extended run. But there’s a downside this time around, particularly the havoc it plays with our hardworking bishop’s confirmation schedule. (Sons #1 and #2 were scheduled to receive the sacrament this evening, and while our good pastor will be on hand to ensure its conferral, Son #3’s legendary skills as “Miter Boy” will no longer be required. Sad times. Also, the first Little League practice of the year will probably have to wait a bit longer, as well.)

The unexpected snow day (and the impending confirmation) created an (even larger than normal) overload in the Susanka household, so I’m a bit “snowed under” blog-wise. Which actually fits nicely with a little bit of blog housekeeping passed our way by the Patheos Management. The long-and-short of it:

We’re moving to a new server at some point in the next few weeks, which will significantly improve load times. At the same time, we’ll be transitioning to Disqus. (Patheos’ research suggests that this will help to stabilize the site, as well.) Over the next few days, you may experience bizarre things happening in the comments: things disappearing and reappearing, etc.

‘Tis only temporary, though, so please do not adjust your television set. Just keep doing your thing, Strong Mad.


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