Wait. Are These Weeks Coming Two at a Time Now?

OK, so that’s a rhetorical question. But I can’t always tell…

Take the last seven days in the Susanka household, for example. There was enough snow to warrant the cancellation of Son #2’s  and Son #3’s Little League practice. …and enough sun that they ended up practicing twice before they were through. I (happily, but time-consumingly) took part in a late-night movie discussion with a group of college seniors, and devoted an entire evening to that most nebulous, indefinable of entities: the Parish Council. Preparations for Sarah’s upcoming trip (with #7) necessitated a couple of hasty trips for birth certificates and drivers’ license renewals — both much easier in Wyoming than in SoCal. The first four boys spent a significant chunk of the early week messing around with saws and maps. (Or was that SAWS and MAPS?) Also, we had two birthdays (#1 and #5). Plus, Son #6 fell while clambering across an enormous chair fort and knocked his two front teeth out. (The dentist put them back; now, we’ll just have to wait and see if the pretzels he found yesterday are deal “breakers.”)


Basically, I can’t tell if this is my life right now……or this.

I suppose there’s an outside chance it’s this, which would be really cool (and would definitely indicate a higher level of competence than I feel at the moment…)…though when push comes to shove, my life’s probably best captured by this:

It’s a blast, though. Really, it is.

…I’d just like to take a breath every now and again. Is that too much to ask?

Attribution(s): “Crazy” provided by Shutterstock.

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