Wait. Are These Weeks Coming Two at a Time Now?

OK, so that’s a rhetorical question. But I can’t always tell…

Take the last seven days in the Susanka household, for example. There was enough snow to warrant the cancellation of Son #2’s  and Son #3’s Little League practice. …and enough sun that they ended up practicing twice before they were through. I (happily, but time-consumingly) took part in a late-night movie discussion with a group of college seniors, and devoted an entire evening to that most nebulous, indefinable of entities: the Parish Council. Preparations for Sarah’s upcoming trip (with #7) necessitated a couple of hasty trips for birth certificates and drivers’ license renewals — both much easier in Wyoming than in SoCal. The first four boys spent a significant chunk of the early week messing around with saws and maps. (Or was that SAWS and MAPS?) Also, we had two birthdays (#1 and #5). Plus, Son #6 fell while clambering across an enormous chair fort and knocked his two front teeth out. (The dentist put them back; now, we’ll just have to wait and see if the pretzels he found yesterday are deal “breakers.”)


Basically, I can’t tell if this is my life right now……or this.

I suppose there’s an outside chance it’s this, which would be really cool (and would definitely indicate a higher level of competence than I feel at the moment…)YouTube Preview Image…though when push comes to shove, my life’s probably best captured by this:YouTube Preview Image

It’s a blast, though. Really, it is.

…I’d just like to take a breath every now and again. Is that too much to ask?

Attribution(s): “Crazy” provided by Shutterstock.

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Joseph has been doing development work for institutions of Catholic higher education since graduating from Thomas Aquinas College in 1999. A grateful resident of Wyoming, he spends his free time exploring the beautiful Wind River Mountains, keeping track of his (currently) seven sons, being amazed by his (currently) lone daughter, and thanking his lucky stars for Netflix.