Tintin, Brought to Life by His Creator

The Susanka Seven are huge Tintin fans.

Well, I guess I can’t speak of Nathan’s fandom definitively. Not yet, anyway. But the older 85% are passionately committed. Even The Sixth, Cormac, reads Hergé with regularity. Many’s the time I’ve found him sitting calmly in the basement, leafing through one of the wonderful “Adventures of Tintin” volumes that adorn the floor-to-ceiling shelves of his bedroom. Right before bedtime. (OK, so I’m not always sure how much of his demeanor is Tintin affection, and how much of it is “Maybe if Papa sees that I’m being quiet, I won’t have to go to bed just yet.” But still…he’s very familiar.)

So you can just imagine how they feel about this:

As one whose drawing deficiencies are well-and-frequently established — we harp on that which hurts us most, right? — as well as a serious Tintin fanatic in my own right, I’m amazed by how quickly and assuredly Hergé sketches. I realize that he probably spent more time duplicating that strange little hair tuft than I will ever spend on anything over the course of my entire life. But still…

Blistering Blue Bonus!

(Thanks to OpenCulture for these charming goodies, and for reminding me of this.)

Attribution(s): “Hergé’s Drawing” comes from Getty Images, which allows the use of certain images “as long as the photo is not used for commercial purposes (meaning in an advertisement or in any way intended to sell a product, raise money, or promote or endorse something);” “Hergé’s signature” comes from…wait for it…Hergé and is licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Apparently, it “is believed to be ineligible for copyright and therefore in the public domain because it falls below the required level of originality for copyright protection both in the United States and in the source country (if different).”

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