TIME SENSITIVE: Jeremy Irons Reads “The Four Quartets”

It’s been just a little over a year since I shared one of my favorite things ever: “Jeremy Irons Reads Eliot’s “The Waste Land.”

Iron’s performance is still available (which is a bit surprising, given the transitory nature of the InterWebs), and it’s still awesome. So is the reader-provided link to Alec Guinness’ version, and the links to Elliot’s own reading of “What the Thunder Said” (from “The Waste Land”) and his rendition of his “Four Quartets.”  Quite the audio goldmine, really. (And I’m thrilled it’s held up so well to the ravages of the InterWebs.)

Now, thanks to stumbling across Joseph Pierce’s post over at the St. Austin Review late last night, I have a new-and-time-sensitive Awesome to share: Jeremy Irons reading “The Four Quartets.” Check it out! (I’d recommend the pop-out/stand-alone player. It’s easiest. Also, there’s a bit of an intro; Scar doesn’t get going ’til the 7:40 mark.)

ENJOY! Oh, and do it soon, because it’s time-sensitive.

Why, you ask? Because the streaming version expires in four days. Vanishes from the InterWebs, much as I would have expected from Irons’ “Waste Land” recording. Because “ephemera,” remember?

Don’t worry. No pressure. Just get on it. STAT!

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