Summa Shorts: “Father and Daughter”

Fresh off announcing a recurring feature last week — the sort of think that’s colloquially known in my house as “Papa biting off more than he can chew” — I’m apparently (and recklessly) ready for another. Starting today (and every subsequent Monday), I’m going to post a short film. Because I love shorts. And because they’re under-appreciated. And because it’s my Internet. Or at least my corner.

Fellow Patheosi and titler extraordinary Tom McDonald, whose “App-o-the-Morning” posts are so brilliantly monikered, suggested “Summa Shorts.”

I loved it instantly.

So all praise for this series’ title must be laid at his feet. (Which is where all blame belong, as well, if that’s your fancy.) The content, though? Praise and/or blame for that lies entirely with me. Even I — timid and evasive as ever — would not willingingly to visit the consequences of my short-film suggesting upon a friend.

The inaugural short is Michaël Dudok de Wit’s Oscar-winning Father and Daughter. Dialogue-free, with a subdued style and palette (and an Amélie-ish score), it packs a real punch in spite (or is that “because of”) its simplicity.

A friendly word of advise, though. Have a tissue ready. Or a box.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Leah K.

    Lovely, thank you for sharing this!

  • OldWorldSwine

    Saw this video first as an accompaniment to a Kate Bush song, “Among Angels”. Not an official video. Some YouTube subscriber put it together.

    • Joseph Susanka

      That’s a really interesting cross-over, OldWorldSwine. Almost a minute shorter, though. I wonder if they just sped it up, or if they actually cut something…