SSF: “Omelette”

Having spent a significant part of yesterday (and nearly every other Sunday) morning making Sausage-and-Cheese omelettes for the hollow-legged little hooligans known as The Boys, this short really hit home:

Love the facial expressions in this one, which comes from Madeline Sharafian, a student at the legendary animation factory, CalArts. It was her 2nd Year film, which she completed last April. So, yeah. She’s a college student. And already making things like that. I …can’t really get my head around people with that sort of talent. (She was a 2013 Pixar Story Intern, though. And currently works as a storyboard artist for Cartoon Network. So her undeniable gifts are not going unnoticed.)

About Omelette, she says:

I wanted to make something that focuses on how meaningful it is to make food for someone you love.

Yep. It might seem cliché or sentimental, but that’s exactly why I keep making ’em omelette’s every Sunday. Because it really IS meaningful.

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