“Collecting My Thoughts,” by Grant Snider

Perhaps it’s because I just polished off a much-needed long weekend, or perhaps it’s because I took last Friday off in addition to the previously-scheduled long weekend. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. But whatever the cause, I’ve had a tough time gathering my thoughts today. (Yes, this is not rare. Yes, today’s much worse.)

Relatedly, I recently stumbled across this absolute gem from Grant Snider of Incidental Comics, called “Collecting My Thoughts.” Just click on through and check out all its majesty – as well as some additional, hilarious, equally-majestic Snider comics. They’re all pretty fantastic, actually:

At the moment, these are all pretty much true. Except for the “Deep Thoughts” one, because I don’t have those. And the “Dark Thoughts” one, because I don’t have deep enough thoughts for them to be dark. (Thankfully, shallow pools are heated through by the sunlight, amright?) And also because my kids are too much fun (and way too crazy) for me to live in the dark.

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