Frane Selak: The Luckiest of Unlucky Men

NOTE: “As of this date, none of Selak’s claims have been independently verified.” But as my father always says, why let facts get in the way of a good story?

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For some reason, I keep thinking about is the opening of Magnolia. Except Sydney Barringer would have been the Unluckiest of Lucky Men, right? (Also, I really, really like Ricky Jay. That is all.)

Well, almost all. Because I can’t let Selak go without mentioning this little curiosity, which is just icing on the cake:

An American company, This & That Visuals, made a short cartoon about Selak’s life in which they gave him a moustache.

Selak doesn’t have a moustache and took offence to this, claiming, “they did it to make people laugh at me”.

The 85-year-old now wants This & That Visuals to pay him for the ‘indignity’ it caused him.


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