SVS: “Finding Nemo”


I have to get out of here! I have to find MY SON! I have to tell him… how!… old!… sea turtles are! I’m going against one of my (mostly secret) rules today: I don’t usually recommend a streaming film that must be rented to be watched. I like my Streaming Video Suggestions (SVS) to be [Read More...]

A Bit Of Advice For All Preparing To Read #LaudatoSi


I haven’t started Pope Francis’ Laudato Si yet, because it’s really (really!) long and I’m at work and I’m also significantly intimidated (and a teeny-tiny bit scared by it) and besides, our Little League playoffs will be starting any moment now, so that’ll take up a whole lot of my emotional energy over the next few [Read More...]

Remember That Philea Lander? The One That Died Last Year? Well, It’s Alive!!!


Last fall, I spent several weeks being fascinated by The European Space Agency (ESA) and their Rosetta project. ( OK, so maybe “several week full-on obsessing over” is a bit more accurate than “fascinated by,” but why do you wanna be so mean?) Sadly, the indomitable Philae lander proved not actually indomitable, succumbing to a lack of power [Read More...]

Today’s HD-Mandatory Video: “Reflections from Uyuni”


Mirror images are some of my very favorite things, both photographically and cinematically. So yes, I love this. (I will not complain if you watch it in full-screen mode, either. Not one bit.) Reflections from Uyuni is a Time-lapse short film that shows the intrinsic beauty of the sea salt of Uyuni and the province [Read More...]

SSF: “Crayon Dragon”


I’m not recommending today’s short film — Toniko Pantoja’s charming Crayon Dragon — simply because Denny Schneidemesser’s music is fantastic. Don’t get me wrong; I would recommend it for that reason alone, if I had to. But I don’t. Because the whole thing’s pretty great. The style’s a bit sketchy, which I always enjoy. But it’s [Read More...]

SVS: “Lost in La Mancha”


Lost in La Mancha, the 2002 documentary detailing Crazy Terry Gilliam’s™ ill-fated attempts to make a Don Quixote movie, has been on my mind all week. First (and most tangentially), I posted Telemann’s “Burlesque de Don Quixotte” earlier this week, and I can’t even see (or use) the word “quixote” any more without thinking of Gilliam. The man’s [Read More...]

“Jurassic’s” Michael Giacchino Comes Musically Home


View image | I stumbled across this great NPR piece last night. It details the fantastic, coincident-laden journey that led film composer Michael Giacchino from a computer game meeting with his idol Steven Spielberg to swinging the baton for this summer’s Jurassic World. But it always comes back to dinosaurs. So when he was asked to score Jurassic [Read More...]

When Don Quixote Meets Crazy Italian Violinists, We All Win


For some reason, I really wanted to listen to Georg Philipp Telemann’s Don Quixote Suite (Burlesque de Don Quixotte) today. Not quite sure why, to be honest. I don’t see any windmills (or giants) on the horizon. But when I went to YouTube in search of a recording, I found it was a bit more [Read More...]

Ennio Morricone Wrote a Mass for Pope Francis


View image | On a day when I’ve spent almost all morning with the works of Ennio Morricone ringing in my ears, I find some of my greatest interests (movies, music, and my Catholicity) colliding in unexpected and gratifying ways. Because just this afternoon, I’ve discovered (thanks to Frank at YIMCatholic) that Morricone — easily [Read More...]

SSF: “Much Better Now”


Anybody else out there with a wicked case of the Mondays? This should help. A bookmark is stuck in a forgotten book that is one day knocked over by wind. It experiences its environment by surfing the pages that turn in to ocean-waves, enjoying the ride of its life. As the book cover closes light [Read More...]