When asked “what is cursing?” most people will reply with one of the two following answers: 1) The use of vulgar or impolite language. 2) The throwing off of “negative” energy and/or the use of sympathetic magick to manipulate, particularly in the form of a poppet, witch bottle, or similar system.  Under the right circumstances, I can say I’m a fan of both.  But in actual practice, I tend to be somewhere in between – what I call “the elegant curse.” The… Read more

As I was falling asleep late last night, trying to win back space on the bed from 3 gravity-heavy cats, a strange idea filtered into my head.  In that space between waking and dreaming, it made so much sense.  Then it proceeded to permeate my dreams all the way until morning – as me working on the blog post in each dream. (Alas it was not already on my computer when I awoke.) When I got up this morning, the idea… Read more

We are interrupting your normal blog feed to give you a head’s up about some developments regarding the Power Sigil and #WeAreAradia.  So many people asked me about having the Power Sigil and #WeAreAradia art as shirts, stickers, and patches that I decided to add 12 more things to my workload to get done before PantheaCon and make it happen.  To maintain sanity, for the first run will be two styles of shirts (regular tee’s and flowy opaque tanks), patches… Read more

I have a blessing or gift.  It’s also somewhat of a curse, depending on how you look at it.  It is my ability to maintain calm in the midst of chaos.  I should note that  you could define chaos in both negative and positive connotations here.  Everyone’s super excited about things? I am calm and absorbing it. Shit’s hitting the fan? There I am, scoping things out, gathering information, formulating plans.  It’s a curse in the sense that it sometimes… Read more

Getting back to our series on looking at the essence of being a Witch series….refer back to Part I, Part II, and Part III here if you haven’t read them yet… The earliest witches were those tapped into directly working with the realm of spirits.  If we consider the possibilities hidden within cave paintings around the world, we’ve been around a long, long time.  Be it gut instinct or the result of too many novels about prehistoric humanity, I get the feeling that even… Read more

Occasionally I am asked about my theology as a Witch – especially what about the goal of living, of death and the afterlife? I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately as other folks’ beliefs are being used to wage a culture war on the rest of humanity.  Seeing what other people claim they believe and then do because of those claims is always a good time to stop and think about your own. I went to Catholic school from… Read more

Following up with yesterday’s post  of #WeAreAradia (also be sure to also check out Storm’s post here), I was inspired to create a modern tradition-inspired charge of Aradia. Technical note: The translation I was working from didn’t rhyme, and despite my Italian roots, I can’t say with confidence the original Italian did either. But as I worked in free verse, it pushed for couplets instead.  This makes it easier to remember, to sing, and to chant. I hope that you… Read more

Late this past Friday (January 20th, technically the wee hours of the 21st),  I was in bed battling a cloud of uncertainty.  And scrolling away on my phone, like you do.  There I spied the following tweet from my friend Storm Faerywolf, that was a snippet of a conversation: “Feeling like we need a real life Aradia right now.” “I guess we need to be Aradia for each other.” #WeAreAradia” I nearly sent cats and Nathan flying out of bed with my… Read more

It’s been a bit of a rough week, mainly of my own doing.  You see, it seems no matter how much I try to get a book done a little each day, there’s a point close to the deadline when it starts “downloading” en masse.  Where ideas I didn’t even think to include in my original outline start pouring forth constantly, my sleep schedule shifts completely, and I’m writing for hours upon hours nonstop.  I even start dreaming about the… Read more

Hi everybody!  Great news!  The first draft of my second book, “Sigil Witchery,” is off the publisher.  I’m recovering and getting back on track with the normal patterns of my weird life, so here is one more post from the archives.  It was originally published in June 2015, and with the exception of a few minor details, seems like it could have been written today.  I think the major issue with most “codes/laws” presented by religions is that they are… Read more

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