A Sigil For Managing Panic

A Sigil For Managing Panic March 24, 2020

The world collectively is facing some challenging times as we deal with the coronavirus.  It is not only an issue of our health, but also economics, social well-being, and community.  While a heightened state of awareness is beneficial, panic can spread misinformation, impact valuable resources, and raise our stress levels – making us vulnerable in many ways. This sigil is designed to help bring calm and clarity to our minds, bodies, spirits – and our community.

A Sigil for Managing Panic
was created collectively during my online Sigil Witchery workshop that took place on Sunday March 22nd. To find out more about my online workshops, visit here. The following is a screenshot of our digital whiteboard.

Whiteboard screenshot from the class

Built Into This Sigil:
– Calmness
– Hearts Open/Receptive
– Respect (for each other, for measures designed to help us all)
– Breath (remember to breathe, the importance of space, lungs)
– Optimism and Hope
– Tap into Earth/keeping folks grounded/rooted metaphysically
– Tap into Water for cleansing, soothing, flow energy

Managing Panic Sigil – high resolution b/w

I redrew the sigil and scanned it – and I’m presenting two versions – black and white, as well as with color –  as we talked about using colors in the workshop.  The colors here enhance the sense of a shield offering protection, guidance, and support. You can choose your own color combinations if you wish, use the suggestion above, or leave yours in black and white.

Managing Panic Sigil – high resolution color version

How To Use This Sigil: 
This is a shared magic sigil. You are welcome to use this sigil however you see fit that is in alignment with the intent of the sigil.  Ideas for use:
– place on candles (basic white candles are fine, but use whatever color you may feel drawn to or simply have available)
– use for meditation/breath exercises
– draw in the earth around your home

– imbue into a calming beverage
– carve into soap and bath with this sigil
– anoint with a calming oil (lavender or similar oil)

For other sigils related to the coronavirus, see the Immunity Booster Sigil and the Needs Met Sigil.

Please note: When sharing this sigil (or any other sigil you find on this blog), please be sure to include the link to the blog post.  The sigil works best if people understand precisely what went into it, versus just sharing the image and telling people to use it.

A Sigil for Managing Panic  is protected by the Creative Commons License, details below:
Creative Commons License
A Sigil for Managing Panic by Laura Tempest Zakroff is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

To find out more about this method of crafting sigils, checking out Sigil Witchery.

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