Jeanette reviews “Ezekiel Option”

I am not much of a fiction reader; I tend to stick to biographies, and what fiction I do read is classic stuff (Pride and Prejudice, Catch-22, Brede, Wodehouse books) that I’ve read before or the Potter series. For that reason I know little about the “Left Behind” series beyond that they are novels which portray “end times” scenarios based on the Book of Revelation, and other books of the bible. I understand they’re pretty popular.

Jeanette has written a review of an installment called The Ezekiel Option and she’s linked to the first chapter. I read it and have to say, it was disturbing and effective – gave me ants in the pants. She’s highly recommending the book…but what is amazing to me is that she is asking any of her readers who buy the book from to do so through my Amazon sidebar, so that all monies from such sales will go to the hospice which took such good care of my brother S in his last days. My long-standing rule is that all revenues from Amazon go to that good place in his memory.

Is Jeanette just one of the kindest and most thoughtful people around, or what? I thank you, Jeanette, for the generosity of your instincts…and just to help out, I’ll put The Ezekial Option into the sidebar to make it easier, how that? Heh. I’m so helpful!

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  • Jeanette

    Hey! I finally got the secret password! :)

    I didn’t do this book justice in my book report, I’m afraid. It has politics and prophecy involved. It mentions the current war in Iraq in past tense and sounds like it is talking about the immediate successors to Putin and Bush without really saying so. Of course the names are not real, but so many facts in the book about things that are happening now or have happened that I didn’t know about make it so interesting. Also the love story is pretty good.