The NY Times Calling for Coup or Impeachment?

This editorial strikes me as being right up there with Harry Reid’s insistance, after Fitzgerald didn’t give the Dems what they wanted, (Rove’s head on a platter) that Bush give it to them anyway!

“We don’t want him to be president for three more years! The ignoramuses in the red states might have elected him, but we’re not going to stop the tantrum until he’s gone!”

The NY Times, in this editorial, sounds remarkably like a frustrated kid in a snit. Like George Will, last month, writing about Harriet Miers, only with a less impressive vocabulary.

“We’ve done everything we can to take him down, and he’s still there, acting like the President! And he’s naming SCOTUS judges and he might actually name more! And he doesn’t seem to care that Scooter Libby is going to go to trial and possibly take us all down with him!

This is my favorite line:
But the rest of the world simply can’t afford an American government this bad for that long.

Look around please, editors: The rest of the world- that “world community” you so love – is teetering between tyrants like Chavez and Castro on one side, and the teeming mobs on the other. And strangely enough – “getting rid of Bush” won’t help a single problem they have.

This piece is 7 paragraphs of hate being spewed by people whose whole world is falling apart, piece by piece. It sounds that desperate.

It is also red meat for the extreme left. Is it a call for coup? A call for revolution? Discard Bush and Cheney, and you still have three more years of Republican Administration – unless you are planning to utterly discard the constitution, as well. Which wouldn’t surprise me.

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  • ricki

    I’m kind of shocked at myself for saying this, but I really kind of hope that a moderate Democrat runs next presidential election – and gets elected – just to shut these folks up a little.

    (I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head I’d consider “moderate democrat” at this point who’d be acceptable to the more leftleaning folks, but whatever).

    I have a colleague who’s gone into eternal panic mode and who feels the need to catalog every imagined abuse-of-power by Bush and his people – even to the point of distorting news stories (maybe unintentionally, I tend not to attribute things to malice that could be attributed to willful ignorance). It’s exhausting. I’ve never wanted more to tell someone to “shut the expletive-deleted up.”

    that’s what these writers sound like.

    And frankly, if they do seem to be hinting at “coup,” again, shouldn’t the Secret Service be giving them a bit of the stink-eye? I mean, if a child can be essentially arrested in school for making a finger-gun, why shouldn’t veiled journalistic threats against the government send up a red flag? I mean, if they don’t already. (Of course, that would make the hysterics even more hysterical, but I am very concerned when I hear people in the press calling for ‘getting rid of’ political figures, especially considering the rioting happening elsewhere in the world.)

  • Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    Excellent post.

    In fact, the vitriol is so intense because there is nothing of substance they can hang their hats on. If for example, there were a way to legitimately argue that the Iraq war were illegal, they would do so. To date, no one that has made that claim can identify what law was broken.

    When there is no substance, the level and volume of shrill hysteria increases.

    It is politics by innuendo, deceit, fraud and even conspiracy- the Michael Moore School of Journalism and Politics.

    I do agree it is call for a coup of sorts- but of a different kind. The dems and MSM want Mr Bush, et al, to lie down allow themselves to get steamrollered with dem and MSM BS.

    They have finally found a prayer to direct to a higher authority- because they have exhausted their own supply of deceit with which they hoped to ‘get Bush.’

    No doubt they believe God will condone their deceit.

  • KMaru

    I second SC&A’s assessment. Power speaks softly. It follows then, with hate-itorials like the one you describe, that the left-o-sphere lacks it and knows its not getting it back anytime soon. I.e., they have little to lose (a rather scary thought.) As with any five-year-old, the temptation is to engage with words and logic. The best approach though is to ignore it – and go on governing the country… as Mr. Bush seems to be doing quite nicely, thank you very much. Is there a “moderate Democrat” who could win in ’08? One may present him/her self as such, but the party’s credibility is so spent on shrill and narrow battles, one wonders who could possibly rise above that albatross of an encumbrance.

  • TheAnchoress

    I really kind of hope that a moderate Democrat runs next presidential election – and gets elected – just to shut these folks up a little.

    I think the dems are counting on this sort of weariness.

  • http://none Darrell

    “I really kind of hope that a moderate Democrat runs next presidential election – and gets elected – just to shut these folks up a little…”

    I’d rather shut them up with a complete shut-out in the next election. And the next. Is this all it takes to get us to surrender? Constant whining and outright lies like the Libby indictments are vindication for Joe Wilson’s claims.

    The dustin of history awaits…

  • http://none Darrell

    I guess the “last shall be first” afterall…No. 1 should be No. 7.

  • convert

    I’ve been reading editorials since I was in elementary school (yes, I was a pathetic geek.), and I’ve never seen an editorial like this about any president. It’s truly beyond the pale. Is there no perspective, professionalism, or common sense left anywhere in the NYT leadership–no one to finally say, “Folks, you’re throwing credibility to the wind with this one.” It’s truly sad and scary, too.

  • Myssi

    I read the editorial in question. And then I read it again. If there was any logic to it, my Tylenol clouded mind missed it. I’m sick, but I don’t think I’m that sick. This is why I can’t bring myself to vote for a Democrat – not even the one or two that I know personally in local politics.