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From Daily Pundit: re Honest Al Gore:

I still get cold chills when I remember that this blundering, lumbering mugwump of malignant mendacity came within a hanging chad or two of living in the White House.

That’s right up there with “nattering nababs of negativism.”

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Pity Al Gore- failed Alpha male, failed beta male.

    His only claim to fame is that he has the uncanny ability to back the losing horse, politically and otherwise, every single time.

    I was greatly heartened to see him go overboard on the wiretap matter.

    America will be safer now.

  • Tommy

    I had to look up mugwump.

  • http://none Darrell

    He did take those “Butch” lessons from Naomi Wolf…Maybe a second session is in order. “Try not shaving your legs, or something…” “Yes, Naomi”