Angry people hate Valentine’s Day

Michelle Malkin notes that some angry Islamists are now carrying on about Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine likely never thought his humble feast day would become such a sore point for so many, and now it seems that Islamic fundamentalists and leftists have found yet another thing to agree on: Fie on Valentine’s Day! The Islamists don’t like it because “These Western gimmicks are corrupting our kids and taking them away from their roots” and feminists of a certain strain don’t like it because Valentine begins with a”V” and “V” can only stand for Violence Againts Women or for Vaginas – just Vaginas! Victorious Vaginas! Oddly Vituperative Vaginas! Voracious Vaginas! Vehement Vaginas! Vicariously Gay Vaginas! Vacant Vaginas! Vapid Vaginas! Vindictive Vaginas!


In 2004 I made it very clear where me and my vagina stand. We can do no other.

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