Air America gets a Soros bailout

Air America gets a Soros bailout February 22, 2006

You have to feel a little bad for Brian Maloney over at Radio Equalizer. He is breaking new news about Air America and it’s getting buried under the barrage of Dubai stories:

As crucial midterm congressional elections approach, can America’s “progressive” leaders really afford to let an ailing liberal talk radio network die?

Apparently, the answer to the first question is yes, to the second, no, the Radio Equalizer has learned.

Through an emergency bailout plan, a coalition of wealthy liberal political activists are poised to at least temporarily save Air America Radio. On the way: as much as $8 million in sorely-needed cash to fund ongoing operations.

Wow. Rich leftists. You don’t hear about them, too often! :-) Some of the names involved? Well, one of them is Mike McCurry, former Press Sec’y to Bill Clinton and a man who once said he’d walk over coals for Hillary. Rob Reiner. Peter Lewis (Progressive Corp) Soros – but you’ll want to check it all out for yourself.

More: Since the publication of this list, Soros (top-right image) and Lewis (below-left) are said to have taken more prominent roles in the Democracy Alliance, reducing support for other groups thought to be ineffective.

According to reports, instead of donating directly to candidates, the aim of the Democracy Alliance is to support a longterm “progressive” media and foundational infrastructure. That keeps it largely outside the Federal Election Committee’s reach.

Brian writes via email: Air America is refusing requests for comment on the Soros bailout story. Perry Simon, talk radio reporter for Los Angeles-based entertainment industry publication All Access has made repeated requests today for a company response.

Also, Brian reports that O’ Reilly will be talking about this tonight on his show, and Brian will be on next week to follow up!

Ian Schwartz has video of O’Reilly on this.

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