The Danish Embassy March – UPDATED

I love the fact that Christopher Hitchens organized a march in DC, before the Danish embassy, in support of Denmark.

Pictures of the rally here.

Instapundit has more.

And someone sent this to me a few days ago, but I’d forgotten to link to it – a wonderful piece on a wonderful composer and another way to support Denmark.

More solidarity here.

UPDATE: Got a nice email from “Brian” who was at the march and describes it:

I would say there were about a hundred people there. It was a friendly, relaxed crowd.

My main contribution was when a young female who had been organizing the cheers said

“Okay, everyone we want to say
Hey hey ho ho
Free speech has got to stay”

That is when I interjected

“No, not hey hey ho ho
ho ho hey hey
it doesn’t rhyme the other way”

It got a laugh.

At the end, Christopher Hitchens got up and gave a three-minute speech along the lines of

— we’re here to show the people of Denmark that the American people are here to support them, something our state department didn’t have the guts to do.

— If we had time, we’d go down to the Embassy of Iraq and express our support for them as well. We know blasphemy when we see it, and it is blasphemy to blow up holy shrines.

— We gave the Embassy our word we’d disperse by one. I think we’ve made our point. Death to fascism!

And then we all went…Strange. There were a hundred other people there. My presence certainly wasn’t needed. Why, then, did the Spirit give me no rest until I went? And why do I feel so good about it afterwards?

Wish I could have been there. Glad you were there, Brian – you carried it for a lot of us!

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