So, What are you Reading for Lent?

Last year I wrote about The Tradition of Lenten Reading, so this year I thought I would presume to play Abbess and lay out a selection of books you might find interesting reading during these 40 days.

The Rule of St. Benedict “Listen my child, to the master’s instructions and attend to them with the ear of your heart…”

The Catholic Passion: Rediscovering the Power And Beauty of the Faith, Reviewed here. Perfect book if you’ve been away or are wondering why you stay.

My Life With the Saints Cozy, warm and nostalgic. Comfort and Joy.

Orthodoxy Or, you know, Anything by Chesterton

The Screwtape Letters Or, you know, anything by Lewis

Benedict XVI: Way of the Cross It looks gorgeous and is supposed to read beautifully.

More of course, at The Bookshelf.

Benedict XVI’s Message for Lent

Julie at Happy Catholic also has reading recommendations and she’s listing what others are reading, too, so lots of ideas, there.

National Review Online has an excellent symposium of Lenten reading recommendations, oh, and look! Yours truly contributed! :-) Also, Kathryn Jean Lopez talks to Frederica Mathewes-Green on The Great Canon of St. Andrew.

Vanderleun has a brilliant, deep and affecting piece about moving from hating God to knowing man.

Maureen Martin reveals that Ray Nagin is giving up New Orleans for Lent.

The Curt Jester has Lenten trivia and reading recommendations.

The Ash-O-Matic 5000 is here! H/T Jeff.

The American Spectator reviews a few good books, too.

Prof. Bainbridge is giving up cigars

Patrick O’ Hannigan brings an Orthodox Flavor to the day.

Understanding Liturgical Seasons Part I. More on that here.

Bernard Higgins at ACSOL has a book recommendation with a helpful exposition.

Kim at Musing Minds is Reading Rich Warren.

A quick prayer to start

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So, what are you giving up for Lent – 2005

Whispers from the Loggia has Benedict meeting with Muslims. Check out the picture. This is why I love Benedict. The pic looks like Uncle Benny wandered over to the fence to chat with his Muslim neighbors.

UPDATE: Someone asked me to repost this for today. It’s not really about Lent, but I’m happy to do it.

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